Post Something Positive Here Each Day

Please tell me AT LEAST one POSITIVE thing that occurred during the course of your day(or night).
It can be an action or event, a thought, emotion, or a sight, smell, taste, sound or physical sensation. ONLY POSITIVES, NO negatives.

Nothing is too trivial and feel free to add more positive things as they happen.
As posted by Ally/allergic- Living With Fibro

Great topic! Today was a beautiful day with warmth and sunshine. I got to spend a little extra time outside playing fetch with my ball-happy dog (black lab / great dane mix, a gentle giant obsessed with the ball). Very positive to do that with him!

I wanted to say that this a great subject. Positive thinking is very important especially when we feel so bad. I learned a long time ago to take a few minutes each day and think about what I am thankful for that day. It helps me to realize there are still positives in life. It can be something small such as the sun came out or it can be something important to me, whatever comes to mind. It helps to keep positive energy flowing.

for Valintines day, my hubby bought me the cadilac of walkers. Drink holders, Velcro purse, seat.

That’s amazing! Walking in style.:wink:

LeannC said:

for Valintines day, my hubby bought me the cadilac of walkers. Drink holders, Velcro purse, seat.

I got to know some of you here a little better. :slight_smile:

That is terrific! It sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Hugs.

LeannC said:

for Valintines day, my hubby bought me the cadilac of walkers. Drink holders, Velcro purse, seat.

Positive, my family used to be all over the place. Their own lives to live. But since ive gotten ill, we have all gotten closer. Everyone making efforts to spend more time with each other. Every day is a gift. They all want to help me, ease my burdons. Actually are greatful to give to me the way ive given to them. They make me even more proud to have them

This weekend I get to go to the coast! I adore the ocean, and miss is dearly. I love listening to it smash into rocks, watch its restless movement, soak in the lovely blues and greens that I love so much... I might not get a lot of time for doing those things, but I'll be within sight of it pretty much the entire weekend, AND I'll be visiting with very dear friends of ours. It's gonna be a fantastic weekend, and I am VERY much looking forward to it! Ocean, here I come!

It was a balmy 40 degrees in Boston.:slight_smile: We’ve had it really tough this Winter, so I was thrilled for the Springtime weather!

Ann A. said:

My son is helping me to find housing more suited to my age and health. He has taken control of everything related to selling this house.

He was an infant when I was dx with lupus. Back in those dark ages they told me that I would not live to see him reach adulthood..Now he is a remarkable 48 year old man. I raised him as a single parent and in many ways he is me exponentially. For example, I describe myself as a person who perseveres. He describes himself as relentless. Right now when I need help it is wonderful to know that I have raised a man who is courageous, honorable, and relentless. I am accustomed to making my own decisions. I hate giving up even small amounts of control. But I trust this man that I have raised. I respect him. Every time I see him, I get to say "lupus you have not win." I AM A SURVIVOR
I not going to give up and I am not going to give in."

Ann A.,

You should be very proud not only of your son but of yourself. You survived a terrible disease and achieved a great thing. You raised a wonderful son on your own while fighting a horrible disease. Sometimes it is okay to relinquish control and let our love ones take care of us. You have definitely earned it. Yes you are a survivor.

Lot's of hugs in your new journey,


I love this time of year, it makes me reflect on Jesus dying for me. There was a large, beautiful, bright moon last night----spectacular!

Ooo ooo. I went to the gym and got on the tread mill for an hour.

My son was gone for spring break, visiting his grandma. He came back on Saturday, and has since been choosing to sit beside or near me often, has been coming up to hug or put his arm around me, and just generally has been very loving. He missed his momma! This is significant, since he is fourteen, which is not known for being an affectionate ate for boys! I love my boy, and it's so nice to feel loved back.

And kudos to you Minxie for getting to the gym!!! ::thumbs up!::

Yesterday I had my IV infusion of Benlysta while their an old friend came in for a blood infusion it was great to catch up.

The hard/painful part of my root canal today... wasn't painful! A friend had given me a recommendation for a new dentist. When my tooth broke, I decided to give him a shot (ha... the pun!). My friend swore up and down that even the novacane shots wouldn't hurt, and that they were fantastic at making sure there wasn't any pain. Having had terrible experiences with dentists, including one very painful root canal, I was understandable skeptical.

Turns out, my friend was 100% correct. The novacane shots didn't hurt, and between two appointments of what generally is the unpleasant part of such things, I only felt a faint twinge of pain twice, maybe three times. THIS appointment he kept me numbed and re-numbed the entire time. It was SUCH a relief! You'd think with Lupus I'd be used to pain, hehe, but I'm in such a terror of dentists, that had no bearing on my feelings. It was so nice to not have to feel any pain during this root canal! So I'm a happy Tal about that today!

It is raining like crazy in So. Cal. Thank God!! Last year at this time we were on fire. We are

doing the Happy Rain Dance!!

Last night while trying to get some sleep I was crying in pain. My husband came in and sat with me and started praying for me. I suddenly felt this wonderful warm blanket of love surround me and then it was like I was picked up and held on my daddy's lap. I felt so safe and comforted I got a good nights sleep and woke up with enough energy to get my prosthesis on and even do some catching up on my bookkeeping.

Yes we do Ann! I am not fond of tornadoes or hurricanes. Earthquakes have not been too bad here in San far.

I was in the Sylmar quake in 1971, living on Wilshire Blvd. in a 2nd floor apartment. Very frightening! Living where a slide could happen not for me either. So I guess I will stay right where I am and pray for a rain storm once in awhile!