Plaquenil question

My rhumytologist put me on plaquenil 200 mg twice a day. The thing is, is that I often forget to take the second dose because I get busy, dont eat, and if I dont eat I cant take it because Im nauseas and throw up. So my question is, does anyone know if I can take the 400 mg dose all together? That way I will be getting the correct dose I am supposed to be on. I go to the dr on Friday, but was just wondering if it was a possibility to just take both at once. Or if its even worth asking my doctor about. Ive been on the med since September. I feel fine with just the one 200 mg. Im not good at taking pills.


Your doctor may have you taking your plaquenil in two doses because it can upset your stomach. So doing it in smaller doses may make it easier to handle. (My “Lupus Buddy” at work takes hers in two doses and that is why.) I have been taking 400 mg all at once and have been fine.
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Thank you. I have a "Lupus Buddy" too. I will ask my dr on Friday what he thinks aboutt aking both at once, especially if he wants me to take the 400 mg a day.

Well Im going to try it tonight with dinner. We shall see what happens... the worst thing is I may throw up. Right?

I have the same Problem! I don't think you can take it all at once because your body can't absorb it. I now keep the second dose on my night stand to remind me to take it before going to sleep. It has been working.


I forget to take my meds sometimes too, and then take both at night.... sometimes i just cant eat till later and if I dont eat with it I get very ill from it. Just trust your body. If u take it 2 times and it makes u throw up then just take them in the moring and at night.

If taking 400mg at once doesn’t work for you, I have found that setting an alarm on a cell phone or a watch helped me remember to take the second dose for my depression Medication.

I have the same problem. I always remember to take my pills in the am but sometimes dinner time is so busy by the time i remeber it is late and i don't want to eat again becuase i have gerd and eating before bed is not good. I am going to try setting an alarm becuase the plaquinil and others make me feel nauseaus so a double dose would likley make me really sick to my stomach.