Persistent UTI

I have had 4 urinary tract infections over past 3 months. Does anyone know if this is lupus related or is it due to the immune suppression meds we take?

I don't know, I too have had two UTI's and wonder if it is Lupus related. I just thought the UTI meant the bladder was being attacked by Lupus, I drink Cranberry juice and water all the time now, trying to help my body out, some. Plus, a friend of mine told me to eat yogurt often to counteract the bacteria from the UTI.

Also my doctor told me to take acidopholis (spelling) to put good bacteria back in my body.

I know that it's related. I get them at the drop of a hat. Before my autoimmune diagnoses I didn't get them for 30 years.

When I'm really paying attention and practicing meticulous hygiene, they come less often. Cranberry juice is good. Also in the pharmacy there's a pill/supplement that keeps the urine acid. I think it might be made from cranberries. I know that vitamin C keeps the urine acid, but my rheumy said not to take large doses of C because it can stimulate the immune system.

You got to hold on.

EVERY time they test my urine (every month to every three months) I always have a UTI but I don’t have any symptoms. I am perplexed by it. I have had painful UTIs in the past, but only one every couple of years. They wante to go to a urologist now but I’m so sick of specialists.

I curious about this a well. I’m new to all this and have my first rhummy app on friday. My internist sees me every month since the begining of the year and my urine tests positive for high white blood cells. I told him I have no symptoms for a uti, he gives me a antibiotic, I still test positive every month. He sent out my urine sample to see what bacteria it will grow. It came back clean. What the heck does all that mean?

I am curious because my daughter often gets the symptoms of a UTI (urinary urgency, blood in urine, pain, etc.) but if they do check for an infection, they never find one.

Has your doctor done tests and said that you have an infection, or do you JUST have the symptoms?

Thanks everyone. My rheumie appt was just last week and of course I forgot to bring up. Plus if I bring up everything that is bothering me I feel like a hypochondriac! (Anyone else feel like that?)
So weird. Literally days after appt I had really bad pain and blood in urine etc. and my chest pain got worse. Ugh! Thanks for sharing everyone. Looks like it is common amongst us.

Eagle41, UTI is a problem I haven't experienced...I do have the chest pain which I understand is common. I went to a cardiologist who did a complete workup. I have been told by many "Lupans" and doctors (plus have read in medical textbooks) that if you have lupus you should have a cardio workup at some point because chest pain can come from either heart disease and/or Lupus. My cardio results were all negative which is VERY GOOD especially considering my dad died of a major heart attack at 75. However, I do have problems with urinary urgency and I have come to blame steroids, drinking too much water late in the day, and just being old---62 in a couple of weeks. For me, sometimes it's hard to tell when the lupus is intersecting with old age regarding a symptom. Is Lupus causing my problem or would I have it without having Lupus? One thing I want to say---you are NOT a hypochondriac and you should go to your appointment with your list of questions. Most doctors will appreciate you for being a pro-active patient. Make notes on what your doctor says. Just a simple three ring spiral notebook works fine. Then you can go back and check what was said when...also weight, blood pressure, etc. If someone you trust can go with you, they can journal for you. My sister and I did this when she had ovarian cancer and she reciprocated when I was first diagnosed with Lupus in 2006. A few people used to tell me that I was a hypochondriac BEFORE I was diagnosed, and since diagnosis I have heard all kinds of crazy comments (e.g. "you are only depressed") but now I have no reason to doubt myself...nor should you. Here is a suggestion: When you get up every day, say to yourself, "I am NOT a hypochondriac." Post your questions here and other Lupans will give you their experiences and suggestions....not to mention love and support! Eagle 41, I wish you all the best. Lupancatwoman

I got UTIs and kidney infections as a result from some medicines my rheumatologist put me on. I ended up going to the ER and a urologist who pulled me off cyclosporine. The rheumy tried to put me back on it and said it couldn’t possibly cause these problems. The urologist sent him a STACK of materials saying it does. I have since left that rheumy’s practice.

Have you been tested each time to make sure they are infections? A lot of us with Lupus also get Interstitial Cystitis which is pain in the bladder area but no infection. It can be very bad and some people get disability with this chronic problem.

I do get them periodically, too. I just chalk it up to poor immune response, also I have a prolapsed uterus and probably bladder, which makes it more difficult to empty completely. I just try to remember to bend over as far as possible to empty as well as possible.

I get strokes,TIA...and UTI's....what do you do....lupus is a strange disease....

It can be but it could be due to aging as well. Women dehydrate faster as we age so drinking enough water or fluids is even more important.

Plus, after sex it is very important that you go the bathroom to flush any bacteria that might have got in urethra tube. Another cause, could be condoms or birth control such as foam etc. You might be having reaction to them.

If you are having them enough to get antibiotics monthly, i urge you to insist you see a urologist to get to the bottom of the cause. I say this because before i knew i had lupus, i was getting UTI monthly and eventually i became allergic to ampicillin. The primary doctor finally set me to urologist and this was only time i had doctor call another in front of me and yell at them for being lazy etc.

I also did eventually end up with kidney problems ...One reason why the specialist was so angry at the primary doctor is that my UTI's were not of the normal kind which as he said should have been clue something more serious was going on.

I would ask to see if your are normal UTI or something else is causing the problem.

Cranberry juice does help and if you are having normal ones, if you drink enough fluids in the beginning you can flush the bacteria out with it plus use the otc product that slows you down from feeling you must go every 5 minutes or less. BUT only use this if your doctor has told you that you have normal infections. If you have more serious kind it can mask other symptoms you should pay attention too.

Wendy have your doctor due a culture. that might get to problem but you need specialist if they do not do you have protein in your urine as well if answer is yes...really get to specialists. i mean more than in normal range for protein.

good luck to all... i literally did have at least one a month for over a year. My bf at the time said i spelled like medicine because i was taking it almost all the time ...i was young, in love and did not want to think i was sick so just took the antibiotics...stupid me!

Also any acid drink will help make your urine so acid that bacteria does not live as well in your you can drink other things rather than cranberry juice or take pills of it.

Good luck to is painful and just bothersome problem.