Oxys vs Methadone

I finally got into seeing a pain specialist! I was started on morphine (which didn’t worked) and transferred to OxyContin. I’m now taking 20 mg tid and 10mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Now it has been working but I’m noticing a couple bad side effects… For one I’m having trouble urinating. Like I know I have to pee but it won’t come out.!!! I can sit and wait for up to 30 minutes. Also I’ve been having really bad dreams at night. These dreams are to the point where I’m waking up screaming and crying. I’m also getting lots and lots of anxiety. Idk if this is due to the meds or stress but it gets annoying. I have an appt with my pain doc on the 12 and was told if the oxys aren’t working we will try methadone. So my questions is has anyone tried methadone and what type of results did you receive from it? Also has anyone tried oxys and had the same side effects I have?

Hello haitianbarbie88,

I've tried neither so can't help you sorry but i do know not urinating won't help your kidneys plus watch out for dehydration also.

Regarding the dreams that could be the meds but anxiety will kick in if your stressed and worried over the situation your in...i do wish you all the best with members answering you concerning the OxyContin and Methodone.

((Hugs to you)) Terri xxx

sounds bad---cure worse than what it is there to fix, right?

i hope you will be able to find a better way. I didn't have much luck with the pain specialist that I saw and was afraid to try another one after the experiences I'd had...please keep us posted about how it goes

Hi ya HB88, Jude here Jons wife, Jon asked me to reply as he is on Oxycontin and Oxynorm much larger doses than you though. He has experienced the trouble with the weeing, and has odd dreams but not to scary. He had anxiety before the meds but they do make a difference to him alot as far as pain management..... have you been on them long? keep in touch as i would like to know how you get on with them and also if you change to methadone how that works. cheers Jude and Jon