Over Stimulation of the Brain

I wonder if anyone else has the problem of feeling like their brain gets over stimulated. My body gets so exhausted but my brain will not calm down and let me rest. I feel like I can't hold on to one thought long enough before something else pops up in my mind. I can't concentrate on any one thing long enough to take care of it. This is not something I deal with every day. If I go somewhere or someone comes here or even a telephone call will set my brain off. I've found that the t.v. or radio really grate on me now. I crave absolute quite. Am I going crazy?????

Thank you Ann, makes sense to me. My life has changed dramatically in the past year. All my symptoms finally caught up with me where in the past I had been able to push on through them. Anxiety sounds better than crazy for sure.

Hello grandma,

I suffer with over stimulation of the brain and like Ann said it can become a large cause with "Anxiety" as i'm under a neurologist and psychiatrist.

I found it takes my brains hours to come down to a certain level, the tele as to be set on 10 and how ste hears it god knows but he does, to much activity can actually worsen the situation and cause irritation more to your head and it can make your temprement alter.

Plus autoimmune diseases can cause a large factor is this issue also regarding vasculitis to the brain and also over stimulation can be a cause of a form of seizure...as seizures can be caused also by Lupus.

((Hugs Terri)) xxx

Thanks Terri, that helps me know more about what I should ask the neurologist when I go see him. I also see a psychiatrist and I will talk with her about this at my next appt. I'm still learning about Lupus......so much to learn.

Thanks again, many hugs to you,


Hello grandma,

You'll find out more from a neurologist than a psychiatrist..because if it is a form of a seizure arising there's 135 different types...i've had it where i've been watching the tele but the sound from it as been slurred and my heads not been able to take it in and when i mentioned it..they told me it was a seizure i was having.

There is such alot to lupus and over the years like Ann you cross so many different issues and learn from them, it takes some doing but with help and understanding you'll get there, as there's so many member's with years of experience.

Hugs to you also. xxx

grandma14 said:

Thanks Terri, that helps me know more about what I should ask the neurologist when I go see him. I also see a psychiatrist and I will talk with her about this at my next appt. I'm still learning about Lupus......so much to learn.

Thanks again, many hugs to you,



You've made some excellent points about specialist's working together but mine won't here in the uk...my neuro as said it and the psychiatrist says he can't get involved either, they're treating me just for the issues i'm their for.

My Gp as stepped forward though and said he'll treat me regarding my lupus if a letter was sent asking but he's ontop of my bloods....your so lucky in a way when you get a good team working with one another. xxx

Hello Ann,

The information on how the USA work is excellent...i'm under several consultants and not one of them wrights a letter just to find out what's going on otherwise, as i know they specialize in their own fields of work but i do think correspond between doctor's lets them know also what their patients are going through.

When i see a consultant on a next appointment your asked to take a water sample and your prescription for your meds which your on and you have to update them constantley which is wrong in one way when they've got access to view my files...pure madness.

We have to turn off stimulation at times, it might impact the lupus development. I don't question the motives, if I feel like turning off the tv and not answering the phone, then I do it. On days when I "unplug" from the world early and sleep, I am better rested in the morning and have a full breakfast before leaving for work.

If I feel like going out, I do it, but don't complain when/if I have to leave early due to fatigue, I just excuse myself and leave. I listen very much to my body and do what it says to do. The quiet you crave might be your body telling you to just rest and lay still, which might be what it needs to counteract whatever silent battle it is engaged. But, don't shut yourself off from the world. As long as the body is at a restful state, entertain visitors, they can help your spirit, watch tv with your family and just remain physically inactive.

Dear Unshoreandscared, It sounds like you have had a lot of experience with this. I guess I am still battling with acceptance and I know I'm still trying to learn. I am beginning to realize that listening to my body is going to be the only way I can deal. Do you work full time? How do you deal with your "bad" days? I was working from home but had to keep cutting back on my time and finally stopped all together because of the pain and exhaustion. Cutting myself off from the world is another challenge I'm dealing with. I can't drive right now and have to depend on my mom who is 80 years old to drive me to dr's appts so my husband doesn't have to miss work. I know she's glad to do it but I feel like it should be the other way around. I do hope I will regain enough strength to drive again. Talking on the phone can sometimes be the most exhausting that I do. Did you go through a worse time at the beginning and get better with treatment? Thanks for your advice and encouragement.

Hi Grandma14, I am only 1 year diagnosed single mom, with a college bound teen, so I have to work full time. Sometimes, I think, my resilience is due to having no choice. When I have bad days, either I call off of work or just go in late. Knowing this is not going to be a successful pattern, I am seeking a promotion that will offer me a predictable schedule and ability to manage my flares.

However, I am not so strong, I just hope the running around does not make my Lupus accelerate. But, for now it is working for me. If I have to apply for social security, then I will do so without any quarms. I went through problems prior to the diagnosis, then I had to find the right regimen to work now I am feeling better, the "bad" days are predictable and I just adjust my pace accordingly, so If I need to move slower that day, I do it. When I arrive home from work, if I need to close the blinds and rest, with the tv on, I do. If I need to sleep at 4 pm and don't make phone calls that day, I do as well.

Unapologetically, everyday is a gift and treated as such. Lupus is teaching me to challenge myself in different methods for being successful and still learning how to be well. We are here for one another.

I hope that I can soon learn to anticipate my "bad" days. I still get blindsided, I will actually feel pretty decent for a day or two and decide that it's not really so bad and then it's like I run into a brick wall. I am keeping a journal and I can see that doing more than I should in a day is definitely gonna knock me off my feet. I'm still working on finding the balance with activity and rest. I guess this is part of my battle with acceptance. I pray that you are able to keep going and supporting yourself. Our youngest is moving to CA this weekend for a job so it will just be my husband and me. I am blessed with a very supportive family. I really miss being able to keep the grandkids, get in my car and go places, etc., etc. Don't misunderstand, I do appreciate life and I'm glad I'm here. I just have to get my mind wrapped around what I'm dealing with and the best way to deal with it. I'm really glad I found this group, everyone I've talked with knows just where I am and you have all offered ways to help manage my life. Thanks for being here.

You're welcome grandma14. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or inspiration, I will definitely be reaching back if I need it.