OT prayers please

My three year old is having surgery tomorrow morning. his eyes are crossed. Can You please pray for a quick easy recovery for My Felix. thanks this mommy is worried!!!

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Will do. I am going to ask my pastor too.xxxx

Good luck to Felix! My oldest son had that surgery when he was 2. He did great with it, and once the anesthesia wore off (evening), I couldn't really tell he'd had anything done. He was eating and playing like nothing ever happened. It was harder for me than him. Lol.

Hope all goes well. I'll be thinking about him today.

Absolutely!!! Good luck!! Here is to a very speedy recovery :wink:

Will be praying! Please keep us posted.

Praying for Felix and Mommy :slight_smile:

Good luck to Felix and feeling for you at this time. Will do : )

I’m praying for you guys! Sending love…

For sure Taesra! Praying!

My prayers go out to your son & yourself! :slight_smile:

Dear Taesra,

My grandson had the same surgery and it was a great success. Before the surgery it was so sad seeing him suffer so; however, he will be 7 soon and is doing well. He will always have to wear glasses but he enjoys all the things a little boy likes to do. I remember the anxiety we all had so I do know how to pray for you. Praying for wisdom, skilled hands, and a speedy healing and recovery....and especially peace for you.

how is felix we are praying for him be blessed godsgirl

prayers of fast recovery are a flying and i put it out so about 500 people will also send prayers from small town i live in!!

it is extremely difficult to see your children suffer....but this surgery has such a great success rate and he will be much happier....other kids stop asking him etc. Beats patch they made kids wear for about year on some! our hearts are with you

Prayers are going up right now!

It's already done!!!!!!! I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God is able to bring Little Felix through. Just put your trust in God.

Felix is doing great not complaining at all. he and i both have coughs head colds trying to get both of It's better and take care if an almost two year old. thanks for the prayers!!!

Oh! How awful to have a cold and recover from surgery too! And how hard for you to take care of him while sick. Will pray you'll both get over it really soon. Chicken soup made with real chicken (Progresso and Campbell's are), has anti-viral and antibiotic agents. If you eat it twice a day it cuts your cold symptoms and the duration in half. Turns out grandma's remedy has scientific basis of really helping.