My eyeball feels like its on fire! what's going on?

I'm sitting here typing with my left eye closed shut because it feels like its burning. I took some Zyrtec, so I hope that helps. I was taking my groceries in from the car and my left eyeball started to feel a burning/sharp pain. It began to water like a faucet as well, but it doesn't itch. Then it hurt to open my eye, like the light would make the burning pain worse. I had my sunglasses on and sunblock 85+. I was fine going to grocery store. Of course it is about 100 degrees today and sunny. I've had allergies all my life, but i've never felt this before. Now that i'm inside the burning pain is starting to subside. Since I took the Zyrtec not more than 10 min ago, I don't think its kicking in that quick. (maybe, you never know..)

Good grief...I feel a headache coming on.

I have been having this same thing. The eye doc put me on some steroids drops for my eye. For 7days..... Now it's back. My eyes are swollen and hurt and burn just like yours. I am going back to her to see what the heck this is. I have never experienced this before.

The drops are called Opsus falcon 0.1% I don't know if this will help you. My daughter work for an eye doc. and this is what they are trying . However she said t would be temp. only. What else I don't know.

Good Luck JR

My husband has this happen late in days when he forgets to take his insulin. He is diabetic. Otherwise it also sounds like the beginnings of a migraine. I get those a lot with my fibro and lupus. I hope you get it figured out and feel better soon.

I am so glad you shared that. My eyes have been burning and red. I take allergies medicine every day, but I can't hardly read at all because of the pain ( which is a horrible thing for me,I love to read). The redness is not like blood shot but all the white is pale red. I am calling my eye doc on Mon.

Inflammation of the eye. Try ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory. Its freaky, I have heard more people here find out they have uveitis, pink-eye, and one other eye inflammations this month than ever in my life. One got infected from excessive touching/rubbing, they all finally got some cortisone when it stayed for too long.

Thanks everyone for your input. It finally subsided. I don't know what it was, but you can bet I stayed out of the sun for the rest of the day!

Could be dry eye disease from the Lupus. I was having these same symptoms, went to see the opthalmologist and she put on me steriod drops and restasis for my eyes, SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! I would go and check it out, hope you feel better.

Try moisturizing eye drops with a lubricant. Systenine is the brand that I use. Plus I also take Restasis. When my eyes are dry I will have sharp pains in my eyes especially the right. If you have noticed that your vision has changed it could be Sjorgen syndrome which goes hand and hand with autoimmune diseases.

i get burning eyes sometimes and they water and it hurts to keep them open but it doesnt hurt for very long like only half an hour or so then it goes away...


I have Sjorgen and Lupus and I just went to the doctor for my eyes mainly my left eye. My eyes they hurt even if I'm just in the car any sign of heat from just going outside where there is sunlight my eyes immediately turn red and start paining. I usually have to wait late in the evening to go out, but I also have to take chances because I have to work and do grocery shopping things of that nature. Nevertheless, I have to walk around with red eyes all the time, so my Rheum sent me to see an Opthmaologist and he gave me an very expensive antibotic and two other meds ( Allergan & Systane) and said it could be coming from my Lupus and Sjorgens. Since I take Plaquenil I have to be checked by him twice a year, this visit I had on last Monday was a good visit. I hope all is well with you and you find out exactly what is going on, keep us informed.

Good Luck Carol.

Carol it does work a, that's what I used , takes about 7 days for the drops twice a day ....

Good Luck..... and feel better soon....

My best advise is to go to an ophtalmologist. I have heard (and I happen to have it, too) many autoimmune patients get Chronic Dry Eyes. There are many alternatives to aliviate these symptoms. When my ophtalmologist couldn't suggest a viable solution with relief, I went to a university clinic's ophtalmologist and they had plenty more options to try.