Muscle Spams

I am wondering if others have had to deal with the spasms? I get them in my legs, my back, and my arms. Of course all my friends have advice on how to counteract them… You know the friends that do not have lupus. Lol! I get the “eat more bananas” comments, “drink more Gatorade ( electrolytes)” comments. I would like to know if anyone here has some better advice that a banana every 5 minutes :slight_smile:

I have been looking for answers to the same question. I have had muscle spasms for quite some time and was wondering if it was Lupus related. I know that I got good numbers on my metabolic panel so I do not think a banana is going to do the trick for me. All I know is that it is frustrating. Sometimes it is simple spasms and other times it is like a machine gun going off in my arms and legs.

I get them really bad in my back! I could scream they hurt so bad, Ill be sitting and the spasms will make me sit straight up. No one has told me what to do. They just looked at me and said oh there muscles spasms.... Id to anything to get rid of them!

Louters That is the same thing I get " oh it’s just a muscle spam". But it’s hard to make people understand that it’s not an average lil spasm and it’s not a once in a while thing. The ones in my legs actually will cause a bruise because they are so strong and last for such a long amount of time. :frowning:

I had spams that made my arms lock for certain times, but I also have the times where my muscles feel like they just wont stop moving, I was put on a muscle relaxer but I had the problem of not being able to function with it, fatigue and the warning of no driving with the medication.

I take the muscle relaxers when I have to but I try to refrain because like you said it adds to my fatigue.

Oh my! I know its like here you live in my body and see how you do..... I see a chiropractor that deals with muscles as well as a few other things. So when I see him next I am going to bring it up and see if he has any suggestions. He has been really good helping me keep my muscles and joints working. Hes fabulous!
Crystal said:

Louters That is the same thing I get " oh it's just a muscle spam". But it's hard to make people understand that it's not an average lil spasm and it's not a once in a while thing. The ones in my legs actually will cause a bruise because they are so strong and last for such a long amount of time. :(

A heating pad helps me with mine sometimes even better than the muscle relaxers.

Hi Crystal,

I have had previous bouts of muscle spasm's in my legs, waking me right up from sound sleeping the middle of the night..

The only thing I could do at this point was to jump up and try walking them off and then there is the excruciating pain afterward for a few days of HORRIFIC muscle pain! I have found that getting on a good vitamin, supplement regimen has helped tremendously with mine. I take fish oil, vitamin d, a good multi vitamin, b complex and a combo calcium/magnesium. Since I began these, I have not had half as many spasm's and I would try absolutely anything just not to have to go through the spasm's! It's funny how a simple deficiency can sometimes cause exaggerated symptoms. I hope this helps. :)

I suffer also from spasms in my legs and back. I take Klonopin as a muscle relaxer only when its bad enough I can't take it. Other times, if I'm able to pinpoint specifically where the pain is coming from, I'll ice it for 20 min, then put the heating pad on right after. That, for me, works wonders. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Thanks for the advice y’all. I will give anything a try to see if it helps. I woke up today with bruises on the outside of my calf from the spasms on the inside last night. I swear Somedays I look like I am abused with all the bruising and red rashes and droopy, tired, dark eyes. I try my hardest to just make light of it all at every moment. So I tell people the (lupus) fairy beats me up! Lol!

Hi CRystal,
I have SLE Lupus with Thyroid and Kidney involvement. I experience horrific muscle spasms in my calves that wake me up in the middle of the night. I had it happen right after Thanksgiving in both legs, couldn’t even get out of the bed fast enough to flatten feet. It scared me because I wound up shaking all over after. I also experience muscle lock ups in my both of my hands. I’ve observed the following when they usually happen , and have tried to implement changes to help. The leg spasms usually occur when I have been on my feet all day with little nutrition. They also occur when I am under an excessive amount of stress. My hand muscles lock when overuse, cooking, baking, and or cleaning. This first occurred last Christmas when I had 25 family members over and my hands were constantly working, in repetitive motions that occurs in all the preparation. I limit how long I do things, take breaks, spread it out in time management. I take vitamin supplements for D3, b12, d2 and eat iron rich veggies ( everything i am low on through testing) But, I receive more relief from stress management, and pacing any workload required for me. Im not a pop drinker, but I understand pop or soda contains an ingredient that draws calcium out of your system. I am caffeine and sugar drink free. Staying hydrated with water can help but is a secondary means of assistance.

I talked with me PCP about them and he gave me a prescription for Flexiral(sp) it helped a little but not as much as I hoped. It has the potential to make you dizy/tired and should be taken when you dont have to do things. There not kiding about it I took my first dose today and it knocked me out and made me feel I was on a roller coaster! my whole body went limp and all I did for 6 hrs was sleep and try to move my body.

I take flexeral sometimes as well but I for sure do not prefer to… Like you I also get dizzy and limp feeling an then I sleep for a long time. It’s one of the Meds I only take out of absolute necessity.