More recognition

Why does lupus get as much recognition as cancer, it is a killer disease that eats away at your vital organs as well as your immune system,I see the pink symbol for cancer,.The publicity the news cast the commercials so much talk about cancer, cancer treatment centers but nothing of that magnitude for lupus, If you walked up to someone and said you have lupus they maynot even know what you were talking about.Lupus has been around for awhile.Why no recognition for the people that suffer.We have a run every now and than and I see a few tshirts and I see research has come along way,but we still have along way to go.Where can our voice be heard only on here?

Hi lia...From what I've read we have 80% chance of not dying from something Lupus related. That means we only have a 20% chance of dying from Lupus related issues if we follow doctors orders. I know what you mean though. I've vented over the same issue! xoxox Kathy

Hi Lia,

There's no avoiding the fact like you does kill we in the end like cancer but the drugs help to hold it off as long as it mentioning this is funny because although there's epilepsy societies out there...epilepsy when seen is also treated like you have leprosy and that can kill besides.

To me there's to many illnesses not recognized enough and should be. xxx