MMR and Lupus

Hi there,

Has anyone had the MMR immunization since being diagnosed with lupus? I have found out I'm in need of one but since it is a live vaccine I'm worried that it will cause my AI issues to get worse. Right now I'm enjoying a good quality of life with very few symptoms and I'm not on any medications. I'm nervous about anything that may have the ability to change that. My rheumy seems dismissive about this and just thinks I should get it. I also have a one year daughter that is due to get her first MMR in a few days and I am feeling nervous as well that it could serve as an environmental trigger to switch on auto immune in her (too much googling has me worried lol) - since I know she is likely genetically pre-disposed to lupus via moi. If anyone on here has kids and has had them vaccinated with or without complications, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

Hi Blockster, i think that if your rheumatologist oked, it, no worries. don't over google, it can drive you nuts. My daughter has received all her immunizations with no problem, she's 17 now. if you need the vaccine, your risk is probably higher not receiving it. you don't want to contract any of those diseases. hope this helps.