Someone help please

Hi everyone I’m Mallory! Its been years now since first being told by a doctor of 40 years that he was 99.9% sure i had lupus at that time i was maybe 14-15. My ANA tested positive and was(high?). I saw childrens rheumatologist who pretty much said since ive never had the butterfly rash that pretty much she couldnt diagnoise me. I was also tested for Arthritis. It came back negative. I ended up getting pregnant at 16 and was no longer able to see her she said once my daughter was born i would need to see adult doctor. So at this point i was just frustrated and over it and never went back after my daughter was born, until last year when it felt like everything in my body began to feel like it was going to fall apart again. Went to see my primary doctor who order blood work after i explained to her what ive been told in past. Once again ANA positive and the number on there even higher. I was told i need to go to specialist because it sounded to her like lupus but either way i definately have some sort of autoammunie disorder. I lost my health insurance and just recentantly got it back and have now scheduled appointment with rheumatologist for June and Im just ready to figure out whats going on. Im in so much pain i dont know what else to do if this doctor says he cant diagnoise it. Im at a loss because things seem to just be getting worse. I have more than 4 symptoms on the lupus checklist of 11. Along with the positive and (im guessing its called high count ana) along with some imflammation test which was moderate i think but also during the time of that test i didnt have anything acting up.Also im 20 years old almost 21

Welcome to the group.
Your rheumy will get every thing going for you. Rest and eating right are very important.


I lost touch of the "life with Lupus. I have no patience for change.

How are you?. You use to be :my friend". That sounds pretty childish LOL.

Hey I was out a while. I am going to do a post so we can all catch up.


I hope I can get it

I couldn’t get into life with lupus after they changed the format.

How is your family.

I’m doing OK. I had bone spur surgery last month. That went very well. I have stage III kidney disease. Right now it’s OK. I am getting sick of drinking water though.

I have gone to Atlantic 3 times this year. Once alone and twice with my daughter Lisa. My daughter Vicki is going with me in two weeks. Roger won’t fly.

He’s doing VERY well. After his ordeal in Sept he’s done amazingly well. He went back to work last month.

We are having another great grandchild in the fall. That will make #5.

How was your winter?? We had many snowstorms but that weather wasn’t as bad as some in the country.

I better go Roger will be home son and we are going out to eat.

Glad to hear from you.