Mesh and Lupus

Has anyone been diagnosed after having a mesh bladder sling

That's interesting. I know people who were diagnosed after silicone parts being used in their body, so I wonder if the bladder sling has any silicone in it or if its just plastic. Plastic parts inside a person would no doubt cause auto-immune disease, because it's a petro-chemical. People with chemical sensitivities are more allergic to petrochemicals than almost anything. My brother has mesh in his abdomen and he has been getting sicker. Lung disease of some kind. It's frustrating, because you need the mesh.It's as if you have to chose between the symptoms you get without the mesh, or the symptoms you get with a foreign substance in your body. Your immune system thinks it's something to be attacked and destroyed, so your immune system is always switched on, causing autoimmune disease.


I had a blade sling and they removed my uterus 14 years ago. I wasn't diagnosed with SLE till 3 yrs ago.