Do medical implants experience rejection more often due to Autoimmune diseases?

Anyone heard of this? It kinda makes sense...the body sees foreign objects (at least viruses) and attacks fiercly all in it's path. I've heard that's a problem with islet cell transplants for us Type 1 diabetics....the body still sees them as enemies. I'm just thinking I might need cardiac stents if I really have blockage... just wondering.

Hello Pam,

Anything foreign to the body and our bodies start attacking more....i think you'll find this link very interesting.

Love Terri xxx

This is a very good question. I haven't had any difficulties with mine....I have a metal post in my upper and lower left jaw, as well as metal between 3 discs in my neck, and metal in my left knee.


I have metal in my shoulder/rotator cuff after it was ruined in a near-fatal car crash a few years ago, I don't even remember it, nor do I remember speaking to a doctor or being in the hospital for all those weeks. Now that you are bringing this up, I am going to ask about it. I have to have the metal in there so I can use my arm and all, but I'd still like to know for sure.

One thing that my doc feels was attacked by Lupus were the internal stitches that a surgeon put in after my hysterectomy back when I was young. The GYN who did the surgery said she had never seen anything like it. She had seen torn and loose and pulled stitches, but mine had just flat disappeared.

When it happened I hemmorraghed really terrible and needed 5 pints of blood once I got to Emergency surgery. MY son - then 8 or 9 years old luckily called 911! I was out the minute the flood started! I got him a trophy for bravery with a big strong man on it!

Now I have to request "fishing line" stitches just to be safe. Perhaps stitches would be considered something of an implant, just temporary. I will also require a Pacemaker within the next year or so for a Lupus related heart issue, so this is good information to know about - also with your cardiac stents! Thanks for asking this!

Someone may know something specific about Islet cell transplants - sorry that I don't. But I do again thank you for posing the question - it will attract a lot of good answers! Terri already posted a great link!

Hugs - Draginfli

Oh Pam, it sounds as if you are really having a lot of difficulties, especially with needing the pacemaker. I'm so sorry you're going through all of that!