Menstrual cycle

has anyone had menstrual cycles changes? Idk if it’s the lupus or what, I feel like I’m too young for menopause…

yes. My cycle is very light, I use mini pad or panty liners and now, it only last for 2 days.

Yes. It pushed me into peri menopause at age 34.

yes! i always had heavy periods and never was regular. I would bleed for months. then before I got diagnosed they STOPPED completely. no spotting no nothing. I was diagnosed august-September of 2013. (they stopped way before then) I got my first period in 3 years last week. it lasted 5 days and was the most “normal” period I’ve ever had in my life…now I don’t know 100% if It was a period but I will see what happens later this month. the lupus has really effected my bladder, my UT, ext…so it’s hard to know anymore.

Thanks for the feedback! All kinds of things going on with this crazy lupus…God Bless you all!!

God bless you too.

I haven’t had a cycle in 3 years…not that I’m complaining and it’s not due to anything menopausal

Mine used to be every 28 days on the dot but within the last year and a half, I’d skip 2 months and my periods became very heavy.