Medication question!

My rheumy has added methotrexate to my long list of medications. The prescription states to take "3 times weekly". What does that mean? all at once? every other day? any suggestions from methotrexate buddies?

Not on methotrexate, but I would think that 3x weekly would mean you take it something like Monday, Wednesday, Friday of each week. So if it says: 100mg 3x weekly, you would take 100mg on Monday, 100mg on Wednesday, and 100mg on Friday and then do that each week. Does that help?

Oops, I typed it in wrong. It says "take 3 tablets weekly" not sure if that mens something different.

Ballerina8876 said:

Not on methotrexate, but I would think that 3x weekly would mean you take it something like Monday, Wednesday, Friday of each week. So if it says: 100mg 3x weekly, you would take 100mg on Monday, 100mg on Wednesday, and 100mg on Friday and then do that each week. Does that help?

Well, that's confusing. I tried to look it up, but I keep finding two different things--some people take all 3 tablets at once, other people space them out over the week. I would call your rheumy and have him/her clarify it.

We just had our patient safety seminar and it irks me that your rheumy wrote the prescription like that. They're supposed to be more specific because of pharmacy or patient errors in taking the pills.

Here's a link of how and why your doctor should be specific with a dosing schedule:

Definitely call and ask your rheumy before taking any.

I would definitely call him and ask. Too important to screw up. Good luck.

I would too or the pharmacist but I think he would tell you to call the doc.

I am on Methotrexate. I take 6 pills weekly. Pick one day of the week (I chose Saturday) and take the medicine the same day every week. So every Saturday I take all 6 pills at once.

Your prescription would be to take 3 pills all at once on the same day every week. Be sure you have food with it or take it right after you eat so you don’t get nauseated. It’s a small dose so you may be okay.

I know I can not live without my methotrexate. If I forget it I TOTALLY can tell. I have been in it for two years. It did take several months to kick in to where I noticed the benefit so be sure to give it time to work.

I hope that helps. If not let me know and I will try to explain it another way.

Hugs- Tina

I was on Methotrexate. I started taking them in increased amounts of 2.5 mg. tables, on Fridays every 60 days. And when I was taken off had to do the reverse.

When I was taking Methotrexate, I took 6 pills once per week , pick a day that won't impact your routine if you have bad side effects. I chose Sunday evenings because I would feel terrible the next day, that way I didn't ruin my weekends with my family. The medication really did help me, but my doctor suggested another medication that wouldn't have such bad side effects ( Lefleunomide ). The Methotrexate made me very nauseous, overly tired, severe headaches..but it did help reduce "flares" and helped with the joint pain. I think the Methotrexate really helped and made it possible for the Lefleunomide to then work for me.

I asked my mom-in-law...she's a retired nurse. She said for arthritis it's all 3 at one time, once a week. It's so there is less of a chance of missing a dose or taking it too soon, etc.

Thanks everyone!






I took it and felt great then moved and new doc scared me to death and told me I didn’t have it. This doc says that and plaquenil same. So who does one believe anymore? I feel like it Is a crap shoot for these

Docs playing with our bodies. And now I am moving out of state again

You poor thing! I am so sorry you have been told such things! Plaquenil is an anti-malarial drug that for whatever reason helps with Lupus. Methotrexate is a chemotherapy agent that use to be used only for types of lymphoma and leukemia but they have found it useful for many other Inflamatory diseases. I would strongly question the doctor that told you they were the same. They are not.

I am on both and really like them. They have helped considerably. I am also on steroids and Orencia as I also have RA with my Lupus.

Be sure you go to a reputable rheumatologist in your next town when you move so you get proper care.

Best wishes- Tina

Hi, I'm Methotrexate for my Lupus. The usual dosage is taken once a week, I take 6 pills on Thursday and Folic acid each day. I also take Luflidimide every other day and steroids each day.

Sorry I don’t take it but I would definitely call doc or pharmacist before messing around with it. It is a pretty strong med so you don’t want to take any chances. Good luck!! Hope it helps!!!

Ask pharmacist something is left out...such as do you take the 3 tablets all at once...just one day per week or one for 3 separate can be many different you need more information.

call doctor or pharmacist...i said pharmacist as often they make mistakes and saves them embarrassing moments with the doctors.

I too have taken Methotrexate in the past. I started taking it 5 months after my diagnosis. I’m a nurse also and it is a very potent medication that needs very precise directions. When I was taking it I took 2 tablets (5mg), weekly. I took it on a Friday cause I would feel disgusting for most of the week would then start to feel better and had to take it again. But in saying that I’m very sensitive to medications.

I would ring your Rheumatologist to clarify dosage or speak to your pharmacist. I take Plaquenil which as most people know is an anti-malarial which my Dr says in reference to SLE is a disease modifying medication.

Methotrexate is used for chemotherapy at high doses where it’s use in Lupus is very low doses. Can I just please make you aware of a side effect that devastated me. In a way being a nurse I should’ve known better or listened to myself. Within 2 weeks of starting methotrexate my hair started coming out in clumps and clumps. I was only on it for 6 months because it made me pretty crook and I’m sensitive anyway to medication. I continued losing it 6-12 months after ceasing it. I just wanted to warn you about that potential side effect.

But everyone reacts differently to medications. I do sincerely hope that it works for you and that you start to feel a lot better soon. Take care and all the best.

I was on the compound of it...and it did slow down my flares greatly. I was able to keep working due to it so it was success. Side effects i did have was bit more nauseated but cola not as in coke but cola syrup did help stop that as some antacids.

But call doc and / or pharmacist..just wanted to let you know it did help me ..only stayed on it like 9 months. My doctor was very conservative about meds and less was best.