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Exercising with Lupus

Having lupus can make the demands of everyday life challenging. You should not ignore the limitations that come with this disease. However, just like everyone else, people with lupus need to exercise regularly or engage in some type of movement. Most people with lupus can take part in some form of activity. Discuss you exercise plans with your physician or exercise specialist in order to maximize results and minimize possible harm. Learn more now.

Been in A Clinical Trial? Share Your Experience!

Ken GetzHave you participated in a clinical trial for lupus? If so, what do you wish you would have known before starting the study? What information would have made the study process easier for you? What questions would you liked to ask your doctor or study coordinator before you started the trial? Share your experience with others living with lupus who may be considering participating in a clinical trial. April’s host, Kenneth Getz from CISCRP, will add insight and information to the experiences of those who have participated in or are currently participating in lupus research trials.

Submit your story about clinical trials by March 15. Answers from Ken Getz will be posted to the Lupus Foundation of America's (LFA) Web site by April 4. If you have a question about lupus that is not associated with this month’s topic, we invite you to submit your inquiry to our LFA Health Educators and your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Learn more about 15 questions

Review transcripts from our previous 15 Questions and Web Chats

Lupus and Kidneys

kidneysLupus can affect any part of the body, including the kidneys. Lupus nephritis, or inflammation in kidneys caused by lupus, can make kidneys unable to properly remove waste from your blood or control the amount of fluids in your body. March is Kidney Month - learn more about lupus and the kidneys.

For this month, Dr. Brad H. Rovin answered 15 Questions about kidney issues in lupus. Read his answers now!

The Inside Story: What happens in your body that makes exercise so good for you?

Exercise doesn’t only improve your overall fitness; it also can help relieve many of the symptoms of lupus by fighting fatigue, relieving stiff and painful joints, and releasing chemicals that improve your mood. Read this Lupus Now article to learn how exercise can help with your lupus symptoms.

You Can Do It! Tips for starting -- and sticking to -- an exercise routine

Sorting through the myriad of exercise options can be daunting for anyone. But it can be especially daunting for people with systemic lupus. Read more for tips and advice on starting and sticking to an exercise routine.

Leap Into Spring! Make small steps now for a healthier you

Pledge to rejuvenate your life this spring -- commit to a healthier lifestyle, and maybe even discover a new passion to lift the spirit and provide a welcome diversion from bodily woes. Leap Into Spring now!

Make a Difference with Just One Step

Walk for Lupus NowBe part of the Lupus Foundation of America's WALK FOR LUPUS NOW® in your community and help raise critically needed funds and awareness for this unpredictable and life-threatening disease. Upcoming Walks in March and April include:

3/31: Dallas – Fort Worth, TX
4/21: Washington, DC
4/21: Killeen, TX
4/22: Raleigh, NC

4/28: San Diego, CA
4/28: Atlanta, GA
4/28: North Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

Find a Walk in your area – visit

LFA’s Center for Clinical Trials Education and the Lupus Research Registry


Today, there are more than 20 investigational drugs for lupus in various phases of research. Advances in medical research to find new, safer, and more tolerable treatments may improve the future of people living with lupus. Critical to this process are the volunteers who participate in clinical research studies that test the safety and effectiveness of these new treatments. LFA’s Center for Clinical Trials Education (CCTE) provides useful information about clinical research to help people decide whether and how to participate. People can register with the new Lupus Research Registry and be notified of clinical trials in their area.

Study SpotlightSpotlight on: The ILLUMINATE Research Studies
The ILLUMINATE research studies will evaluate how safe and effective an injectable investigational medication will be as a possible lupus treatment, when compared with placebo (inactive substance). Qualified participants will receive the study medication and study-related physical examinations at no charge.

Learn more about the ILLUMINATE research studies and other lupus clinical research by visiting the Lupus Foundation of America’s Center for Clinical Trials Education (CCTE) Study Spotlight.

Help Us Celebrate a Historic Anniversary

One year ago this week, the FDA approved Benlysta® - the first drug ever developed specifically for lupus and the first new treatment in more than 50 years. This approval was a significant first step toward reaching our goal of developing an arsenal of new, safe, effective, and tolerable treatments but there is still so much more to do. Please help us continue our efforts to provide support for people with lupus and their families, advocate for greater investment in lupus research, and directly fund lupus researchers at leading institutions around the country. Please give today.


Nick Cannon with Karen Evans
Actor, comedian, and musician Nick Cannon visited the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) national office to talk about his recent lupus nephritis diagnosis. Pictured with Nick is Karen Evans, Immediate Past Chair for the Lupus Foundation of America’s National Board of Directors. They discussed how he and the LFA can bring greater awareness to lupus!

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15 Questions with Dr. David Fiorentino - Skin Issues and Hair Loss with Lupus

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