Looking for doctor lupus ..dutchess county new York

Hello my name is Jodi …I just tested positive for lupus, more blood drawn today to confirm. I had very high levels of testradrone? Anyone relate to that? And a doctor in my county to treat lupus?

Thank you

Hi Shea,

For years i was never able to sweat and my monthly's was always heavy and when i was sent in 1997 to a brain surgeon for my seizures, he also found high levels of testradrone and put me on a tablet to help my monthly's and to correct my hormones and it did'nt help and i was on the tablet for 5yrs and i was fetched off it in the end due to thickening of the womb.

Testradone is more of a male horome but since women do get it also, it stops a women sweating, monthly's can become to much ontop of one another, extra hair growth and it also causes PMT which i still have now but after coming off the tablet i was never administered anything else.

I'm adding a link with more info on it.


Regarding a Doctor in the area your after sorry i'm unable to help there coming from the UK.

Love & hugs Terri xxx


Did you find a doctor yet? I have a friend in Wappingers Falls with Lupus. I can get info if you need it. I worked in Poughkeepsie and lived in Newburgh for many years. I have lived in Knoxville TN for the past 15 years. Lyn

Hello Jodi,

I hope the other bloods confirm fully what you have and here's a link about "High Testosterone"


Here's some links also for your area on rheumo doctor's.




I hope thease links help until other member's answer in due course.

Love Terri xxx

Jodi, I live in Wappingers falls NY. What kind of Dr are you looking for?

I know its a little out of the way but dr. Weitz at medical associates of the hudson valley is amazing.

Hi Shea,

If you can give me the name of a town, I will post on the Psoriatic arthritis and Fibromyalgia site of Ben's Friends and see if I can find you a Rheumatologist. Is that what you are looking for?



BTW, make sure you have gone to the top of the page and clicked 'recommend a Doctor'. Please let me know and I will put those on for you, this has worked very well when I did this recently, I was able to give the member of Psoriatic arthritis about 8 different possibilities.

Hi everyone,

If member's put up their areas and what doctor's they're looking for member's will help best possible.

Terri :)