Kidney disease

can kidney disease cause the symptoms: passing out, erratic bp, confusion, poor motor skills/ dizziness and .or a drunk-feeling/

Sounds more Neurological in nature, Like CNS involvement, I am thinking u may benefit from going to see a Neurologist too Jan, if u have not already been seen by one? I mean kidney issues, cause alot of a variety of symptoms, so it is something to have checked out too, by blood work & urine cultures/tests…I would def. speak to a doc. tomm. though cause u have been saying too many things that are not right, happening to you too much now! And if they worsen tonight, then go now! No Joke!! Please do not take any chances, better off getting it looked into by a doc. instead of wasting time thinking what it could be, it isn’t something to waste any precious time with! So please take care of yourself, I am worried 4 u! {{HUGS}} Suzie :0) xoxo