Just wondering

I’m wondering if anyone else gets really down and depressed a few days before a major flare? I was just wondering, because most of you know, I was really down on myself then I have had the worst pain ever! I am new to all of this. But the last few days have been hell for me. The worst so far. From my neck to my wrists on both sides are swollen and lumpy. Can’t sleep. In major pain. I can’t work and am so upset about it. I normally dont break.down n cry from the pain, but omg it’s been rough. I feel like I’m losing my mind!

Hello Tiffany,

I've had one of those flares in the past and i hope to god you are taken serious this time because issues your coming out with seem such alot related to either Lupus or strong autoimmune disease.

Well like i said i've had one of these before and if your body....is related to either then you've got a strong flare occuring, you can have pain that keeps in joints or pain that can move about from one area to the body which you've got at the moment besides it causing swelling, you can't call it a major flare until you know how long it last as major flares are known as chronic which stretch for 6wks or more but a normal flare can go from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Yes these can cause you to get depressed easily as you never know what's hitting you from one day till the next and like i say if you do have lupus that can cause depression with the flare and once the depression kicks in Lupus thrieves of it and will make your symptoms feel alot worse which it's actually doing at the moment.

My heart goes out to you mate because it made me feel like i was losing the plot....try and stay strong that's all i can really say because otherwise it can really drag you down plus it's terrible when your only young to go through these circumstances.

((All my love goes out to you)) Terri xxx