Just anxious

I'm just so nervous to find out my mom is convinced I have lupus symptoms so far
Bad back pain
Knee pain
Hip pain
Ankle pain
On bad days everything hurts
Sometimes stomach pain
Brain foggy ness
Pin and needles pain In feet( happened once)
Mouth sores
Hair thinning
Sun sensitivity (get flushed, sick, once a bad rash with red dots everywhere)
I know that's not everything but my mind is failing me right now...I don't understand I've never really been sick every except for the common cold hell I think the first time I got the flu was last year during Christmas...now I'm on the couch everyday watching my kids play with one another I'm in the house pretty much 24 hours a say my family lives in Austin so I pretty much have no one to visit with it just really sucks somedays especially with my husband working 12 hours. I'm usually in pain all day because I wait to take my medicine a few hours before I go to sleep because it makes me sleepy even without it I have to do everything in my power not to fall asleep just so tired...I've tried going to sleep when my kids do but an hour or 2 doesn't help me if anything I wake up more tired then I did before I went to sleep so I avoid taking naps..my mom jokes that I have more health problems then her and she's 48....just venting guys or more or less thinking about what I'm going to do and they say your 20's are meant for living we'll not much if that's happening over here lol

Fever with everything hurting on real bad days (knew I was forgetting things)

Could be a lot of things like fibromyalgia for example or other autoimmune disease. Get an Ana to narrow down. Make sure your meds aren’t making you even more tired. Some I can’t get out of bed with. If can’t give them up, take them at night.

Not knowing is the worst. Get to a rheumatologist and get evaluated now.

You can still have lupus and be ANA negative. My lupus was confirmed with a biopsy of my kidneys and for many Rheumy I am the only Ana negative patient they ever had. Have multiple tests because Ana also fluctuates.
There are other auto-immune diseases that it sounds like as well and many overlap.
However, before you go directly to lifelong illness, have you been tested for mono?
Regardless, it is doctor time, my friend.
Best of luck.

good idea to test for mono!

it sounds a lot like my onset of lupus, when i was in my early 20s.

once you get this thing under control, you can reclaim some of your life.

I did.

It will take some research and experimentation to find out what works for you, but you can get some of your energy back.

My appt with the rheumy is on the 25th …thanks guys for all your input!!!

I don’t know why they don’t just a double stranded DNA along with an ANA when lupus is suspected. Really an indicator (60%). Also, an ANA report should be more in depth. It’s a pretty complicated. Doc should order the complete test results.

Hi!, hope that you feel better soon-smile. People always have something about us that suffer with Lupus! Hang in there and pay no attention to what they are saying, which is hard at times, but to reply to any of it is a waste of time. It don’t change nothing or make Lupus go away. Your strength comes from deep with in, that’s the comfort from God (the higher power), which no one can take from you . My prayer’s go out to you. Get rest and relax as much as possible, take care and feel better soon…Beverly L.

You are living, right? Just with a chronic illness. You have your own, unique life, and it’s your job to live it the best you can, not the way someone else is living. People who aren’t chronically ill have all sorts of ideas about what you are doing wrong, as if you could somehow magically fix yourself if you wanted to, but you have to remember they’re wrong, you didn’t cause it and you aren’t just acting sick to get sumpathy or whatever. It’s too easy to feel guilty about being sick. Plenty of people on this site are young, unfortunately, so you aren’t alone in that. Just do your best to use the times you feel better to be with those who you love. And people here understand.

And ANA doesn’t confirm lupus.

Thank you guys for all of the support