Is there a "kick me" sign on my back?

Just kidding. (kind of) The last couple of years it's seemed that way as far as health goes. In all honesty, I tend to laugh about it. First the lupus, then while working on being more fit by walking every day on a nature trail near my house a couple years ago, I was bitten by a deer tick -- those dang things are smaller than the head of a pin! -- with the result being Lyme Disease. That whole situation really DID give me a belly laugh! Talk about craziness! Then last May there was the episode where an airport subway train door slammed my head (long story as to why my head was in the way of the door -- i really don't walk with my head hanging backwards! hahahahaha!) and gave me a concussion. This has led to post-concussion syndrome which I've been dealing with again for the past week, which has nicely complemented my current lupus flare! Trust me, guys and gals, I never do anything half-way!! Which leads me to the "kick me" sign. I know none of you are the culprit since I just found this site a couple days ago... but SOMEBODY in the cosmos has some s'plainin' to do!!! (Not feeling sorry for myself or needing sympathy, just reeeeeeeally needed to vent!) Thanks for listening, fellow travelers!

My dog Lucy Labradoricus says she will do some of that s'painin you let me call her

"Luuuuuuuucy! Luuuuucy ! come here. Jeniom says you have some s'painin to do."

Enter Lucy: She sings to the tune of almond joy commercial: sometimes I feels like a pup, sometimes i don't, sometimes i roll with the punches; and sometimes i m whuupt" And then after she makes doggy pirate growling sounds s" Jeni, i know how you feel...sometimes it seems like we get rid of one problem only to after another---or more likely we get a whole bunch piled one on top of the other. But I am so glad you found us and can vent whenever you need too. Lucy made a relaxation video that she 'd love to share with you. here's the link

cool! thankyou~

JeniOM glad you vented and glad you have a sense of humor....both are good for the soul and the illness!!! Hang-in-there!

Hi JeniOM, thankyou for your post. I have had times like you as well. One year i seemed to be so accident prone it was ridiculous. I had two televisions fall on my head, and yes that was televisions. They werent the newer ones either, they were the thick block type weight about 32kilograms, so its amazing i didnt really do myself a lot of damage. The first one came down because we didnt notice a puppy we had, had been playing with the wires at the back and unstabled the position it was in, the second we havent a clue why the other one came down, the doctor said it was amazing i was alright as something that heavy falling from such a height could of broke my neck, you say about laughing though. I had to laugh as the nurse at the hospital, turned round and said to me, "I wouldnt sit over there if i were you, there is a telly on the wall". I couldnt help but laugh. The most amazing thing was though the insurance paid out both times luckily. You have been very unlucky havent you, getting the Lyme disease, thats disease can get really serious if gone unnoticedn and untreated. How awful getting your head slammed into the dooor of the subway train, that must of really hurt, its good you can laugh about it all though. I think we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes otherwise everything just end up getting too much doesnt it? I am sorry you are having such a bad time, i am also in a Lupus flare at the moment, and finding it hard to do alot at all. I was so pleased when my husband got back from watching football at some of his friends this evening, and normally it wouldnt really bother me him being out, i just make the most of having some time to watch what i want on television, so i guauge how bad i am as to whether i need him around or not, that sounds awful. But what i mean is i think he should have some free time of his own, as he does help me when i need him to. As soon as he gets in from work, he makes me a drink, whereas if it was well it would be the other way round. And before he goes to work he makes me a drink too. Are you married, sorry i havent looked at your profile, if so does your other half help you with things. I am so pleased you found this site, as i found it a while ago, not more than a few months, but since i have been coming on here, i have felt so supported and cared about. Its so good to be able to say how you are feeling and not be judged and have people who actually understand what you are talking about for a change. I hope it helps you too. Anyway i am thinking of you, and welcome. Im sure you will meet some really lovely people here. Anyway take care, look after yourself, bye for now, love and hugs Astrid40xoxox