I am going back to the doctor today for an infection. Friday i went and had 2 injections and a prescription and im not any better. i think its time to quit work and work on getting better does anyone have trouble with always having infections

Yes I got them all the time, someone would Sneeze and I was sick. I had to stop working and I am much better now for it. I lack immunoglobulin M in my blood plus with the lupus I have no immune system. I wash my hands a lot when I am out of the house and I use antibacterial wipes for shopping carts etc. I carry them in my purse. I also have hand sanitizer too that I will use if I am out in a public place were infections can be on surfaces of things we touch.

I am hoping for the best for you…Deenie

I get them too. I frequently have to spend time in extended care or hospital or home health on a pump with IV antibiotic infusions for 2-3 weeks.

Any injury, and I mean "any," can cause a temp of 102 or higher. Get it in my bad hip. Get it in my lungs. My drugs for lupus and the other autoimmune diseases I have suppress my immune system so much that I have no internal defense. Of late I get bladder infections too. I even had a sterile abscess last October. That one belongs in "Ripley's Believe It or Not."

I practice hyper-vigilant hygiene. I disinfect counters, bathroom, laundry (works for skin and bladder infections), use hand disinfectant, wipe shopping carts and the like. Even those close to me think I'm a bit "touched in the head." But they're not the ones who get serious infections at the drop of a hat.

Hope all goes well for you. You can learn from mine and other member's experiences.

You got to hold on!

Hard to remember a time when I didn't get them at the drop of a hat. As much as I try to stay away from sick people, the world is just not a sanitary place. I always try to remember that it could be worse.

I do hope you feel better soon,



I too am like a walking infection bomb. Both systemic and injuries. I catch any bug that might be in the crowd and Ive had a finger removed because I must have gotten an infection from a scratch or something that spread into my bones. Our immune systems ate compromised and then made even worse with some of our mess. Infections are not to be ignored. I didn’t take those words seriously enough and it almost killed me.
Please take care of and do all your follow UPS with your doctors. Sending healing thoughts to you…,~Mare

Thank you all. I received another antibiotics shot and a change in my oral antibiotic plus a tapering dose of prednisone. I guess the biggest surprise was being taken off work permently we have been arguing over this for 2 years so i guess it should not have been such a shock.

Yes, in fact we discovered I had Lupus when I wound up in the hospital with blood poisoning. It is because your immune system doesn't fight bacteria as well because it is too busy attacking your body as a foreign substance to be eliminated. You will have to be very proactive with any possible infections. Don't let lung issues soon as they start, get to a doctor. Find a GP who will be proactive about antibiotics for any lung issues because of your compromised immune system. If the one you are using now won't, INTERVIEW other doctors and ask how they will treat you for possible infections even if it is early in the illness. The proactive approach is the only one to take with Lupus.

Hi Purplebutterfly,

Im so sorry to hear that your battling an infection. :(

Infections usually arent good in people like us with lupus. We dont have the proper immune system to fight off infections like other people do. Just this past March I had a sinus infection AND a double ear infection that lasted a month. I tried four rounds of antibiotics before I finally kicked its butt with augmentin (after an initial round of it - round 3 of antibiotics).

If you still feel lousy dont hesitate - go to the doctor before you get any worse! My sinus infection led to acute sinusitis with bronchospasms which is basically one step away from pneumonia. :( Listen to your body and dont be stubborn and "stick it out". Infections are one of the leading causes of death (complications) in lupus patients. You dont want to mess around with that. Thats why every time I have even a slight cough im off to get a chest xray.

Go see your doctor. :) I hope you get better very soon!

I wish you well,