I dream of surfing and running again

but it will never be the same. I know the precautions I have to take, but am building things back up. Going from a 4.2 mile May 2011 to starting a 10minute walk 1 x a week in March 2012 has been a challange. Little by little, as of June I'm at a 2 mile walk/run 3x a week and working on situps and pushups. Still have joint pain in my knees and swelling with the summer heat. Down to 4m of steroids and worry what will happen when I'm off.

Anyone else have something that they know may not be possible, but hope to do in some form again?

And to possibly get to surfing, if its the Lords will.
July's goal for me is to walk at the beach in lowlight hours.
August is a swim once a week.
September hopefully take my boards out.

In July I'll be working on my upper body. I'm scared to think about any of the damage steroids and chemo has done in a year.