How to Create Group and Organize A Meetup in Your City

Since others have subsequently asked about organizing groups and meetups in their area, the moderators and I have decided to create this forum discussion so the community can throw out ideas and dates for meetups in other cities around the world.

Creating Groups:
Create a group within the patient community. To make the group easier to be searched, don't forget to include your CITY or REGION name in the title of your group.

Organizing Meet-up:
Within your created group, you can add a discussion forum to talk about meet-ups following these tips:
1. Pick a date (Saturdays are best)
2. Pick a place (picnics at a park for example)
3. Post an event here
4. Contact a moderator to help spread the word.


How about trying to find ppl in Jacson MS that suffer from Lupus?

Hi there Ben, i have been considering doing this, i live in the UK though, our local Lupus Support Group closed due to not being able to get the room we had at the hospital each month. We used to have it quite regulary. My husband was suggesting we do something, maybe our local community centre would let us have a room at some point, they do have lots of meetings there for other things, so its picking a time when there is nothing else on. We were saying even if only a couple of people came to begin with, start small first. You can get so much out of speaking to others and having that support. I think also the one i went to spent too much time on having speakers, and not enough time left over to speak to other people with the Lupus. Our meetings would be an hours talk by someone about something to do with the Lupus, which was interesting but that left only five minutes to talk to someone else who has the disesase, they would also do a raffle. So alot of people who i spoke to quickly said the same that they would like more time to get to know others with Lupus, so if we did find it possible to set something up, thats something i would focus on introducing people to one another. When observing i think alot of people feel too scared to approach anyone else. I, myself have a fair bit of confidence and dont feel intimidated by this, its the way you approach people i find. There were a lot of good things that came out of the meetings we used to have though, as we had someone come along with a company who made UVA/UVB protective clothing from material which just appeared like ordinary material and very silky soft, i expect there is someone who does this in America, then we had a lady who was from the Red Cross, who did camoflage make up for the redness or other flaws in our skin, that totally covered anything and made us have a normal looking complexion again, which was nice. The make up, once it was sorted out which shades you needed can be ordered from doctors for free in the UK, not sure how it works in any other country. But if you have any other suggestions, i would be really interested to know about them, thankyou Astrid40xoxox