Tracardia, shortness of breathe, low blood pressure?

Since my back surgery on May 12th I have been having trouble keeping my heart rate down. It fluctuates between 76 and 120. My blood pressure goes from 117/78 to 86/64. I went to the ER yesterday because when my Therapist came she could not get my heart rate down or my blood pressure up. I was having shortness of breathe especially when speaking. She called 911. The ER doctor determined there was no blood clot, one of my lungs in partially inflated so I am doing deep breathing. He could not explain the heart rate and blood pressure issues. I want to know has anyone experienced something similar and could this be lupus related? I scheduled an appt. To see my Pulmologist.

Ok, I’m new at this. I was diagnosed in 1999. I’ve had to deal with symptoms on my own since then. Recently at doctors for chest pain. Lots of pvcs height heart rate, and my blood pressure bottoms out. Normal is 112/60 , drops to 89/ 59, I’m almost passing out. Tests say my heart fine. So… Sent for X-rays of heart and lungs. Might be infection of lining of heart or in lung, causing chest pain. I have to wait for results. Doctor says very possible it’s caused by lupus, waiting for results patiently.

I had the same exact issues! When I realized I had breast cancer, the surgeon got me in with a cardiologist to make sure I could handle the surgery. After many tests, I was diagnosed with SVT. Sinus Ventricular Tachycardia. I was put on a beta blocker and my high blood pressure medicine was tweaked. When my pulse would race, it would cause a change in my blood pressure and I would have trouble feeling like I couldn't get enough air. So, my suggestion is to get an appt with a cardiologist. Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you so much artchick that was very helpful information.

Lone wolf I am not having anxiety; I did have the issue with heart rate in hospital so they made me say long until they got it under control and got my RBC count up. I walk short distances when able, but I get out of breathe quickly do to the issues I am having now. I also have physical the repay three days a week. I had my surgery about a month ago.

I have chronic tachycardia, low blood pressure just like you described. I don't know if it's related to Lupus though. I do have lupus of course. Others who have this have been diagnosed with POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. You may want to research it. It could be that the trauma of surgery made your autonomic nervous system go haywire and it's still healing.

Not all of us have anxiety. I'm so sorry that you do. It's miserable. I had it for a few years while dating a certain guy.

lone wolf said:

we all have anxiety dealing with lupus...this was simply an idea. good luck.

Thank you Sheila, I read the article and I have something to show the cardiologist next week. This was very helpful.

Glad to be of help Purplefav.

My BP normally runs low (90/60) and heart rate in the low 60s. I’ve had the increased HR and BP with various meds my dr has tried. It’s happened 4 times in 5 months. Could it be med related?

Thanks Dkel, this was very helpful information. I saw my PCP and she referred me to a cardiologist. She has lupus and had been experiencing,for the first time, the same symptoms a month ago. Unfortunately for me, she will not be practicing after August 20th due to her flares interrupting her ability to be an effective doctor. She was the best doctor who really understood what I am going through and she was the one who discovered I may have lupus by tests and referral to the right doctors.

Meds was the first thing my PCP looked over yesterday and there was no correlation. I will be seeing a cardiologist next week.

Hi purplefav, so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I had similar problems…bp would drop so low I would end up in ER, bring bp up with hydration. I checked with my cardiologist and he adjusted bp meds. Then bp would zoom up to 240 over 125…would bring it down with IV meds and fluids. This continued for approximately six months…I would start to crash, go to ER. same procedure as before, depending on if bp was too high or too low. I was in the ER about once a week. It stopped happening as abruptly as it had started. Final prognosis…lupus flare. So, be sure to see a cardiologist. Lupus had so many forms and affects each of us differently. Don’t know if this is any help. Hang in there. It’s a nasty disease. I will remember you in my prayers.

Thank you Linda!

I did read the article POTS and it sounded just like what I was feeling. Thanks for the info regarding the 7 days monitor. Thanks again Dkel!

Hi I get that too my rhumy said it was also due to my anemia so once my hemotologist gets that under control that those symptoms should disappear he also heard a heart murmor so hope that helps a little good luck

Thank you for the information Mary and Dkel. I am on the hear monitor for two weeks. It will be interesting to see what information it shows. My cardiologist is wonderful.

Thanks dkel they did take care of that for me. My skin has become so sensitive that the littlest thing breaks mr out or causes bruising. Thanks Ann for your prayers.five more days until I take it off.