Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone! And hope everyone is feeling well! As far as I go, I’m not doing very well. I went out on the fourth with friends. And what an absolutely dumb idea that was! I am still trying to recover from it. I can’t believe it! Lol… I guess I still think I can hang with my friends. But, boy am I wrong! I still wanna be young, even when I feel like I’m 80 years old! Lol… Lesson learned though. I need to focus on other things, instead of trying to be young! Lol… I guess that ship has sailed,along with caffeine, and many other things!

I can definitely relate to what you are going through Tiffany. Before I was diagnosed, I just started getting sick, and I was so scared, I had no idea what was going on with me, and I felt like no one understood. One day I was a normal 25 year old, raising my kids, enjoying life, and working, and then I felt like a ton of bricks hit me. I remember calling my mother one day after work and telling her how horrible I felt from just carrying my purse! I was so scared to go to the doctor, because I feared the worst. And it was so disappointing to have the doctors tell me,"I have no idea what is wrong with you." over and over again. Then my doctor finally put everything together and said "I think this is Lupus, you need to go to a Rheumatologist", and I did it. I looked for the best Rheumatologist I could find that would take my insurance. Now I've started medication, and I feel better than I did last year. I can shop without getting tired, I still go out from time to time. I can play Dance Central with my kids (in moderation). My advice to you is to put the fear aside, be brave, and see a doctor. I took my mom with me, and I am 31, but I was scared to death! I didn't want to hear them tell me I was going to die. But the reality is yes you may have Lupus, but more and more people are able to manage this disease, much better than decades ago. It's not a death sentence. Yes you may have to adjust your lifestyle, yes you may have to slow down a bit. But, if you take care of yourself, you can still live a happy life. It's not all misery. Of course there are those who have a lot of complications, and it sucks, but still you have to be optimistic that it can turn out different for you. Life is what you make it. If caffeine is going to cause my kidneys to fail later on, I would rather say goodbye to it right now! Life is worth living! You don't have to change abruptly, but you need to find a good doctor so you can find out exactly what is going on in your body, and hopefully prevent any damage to your organs, and if something is found, they will help you address it. For example, I have high blood pressure, so I changed my diet, stopped eating junk and high sodium crap. Does that mean I may never have a burger and fries again? No, I will, just in moderation, and I don't add salt to my food, and I prepare more fresh food than processed. So I've made changes that will better me. I used to drink on occasion, I've stopped doing that. Does that mean I may never have a drink again? I may have one, but I use discretion, because I don't want liver problems. But now I don't even have a desire for those things anymore, because I know they are really non beneficial anyway. Feel better, and try to find something to distract you, for example, I like shopping. My favorite store is Marshall's. I love it because I always find a bargain, and it gives me something to do when I feel down. What do you like to do?

Thank you so much for the advice! & I will be seeing a rheumo in september. Man, that seems like forever away! Lol… But I just gotta deal with it. & I know this. Sometimes easier said than done! No excuse though. And that is awesome your mom went with you! My mom doesn’t really understand. Lol… I feel likehe thinks I’m making everything up. Which is very frustrating. But im learning to just deal with it. I’m 23 years old so normally my favorite thing to do is go out with friends. Lol now I have to learn how to do other things, I guess! Lol like…finding myself all over again!

A lot of times parents are scared too! They don’t want hear that their child is sick. It’s sort of like going through a grieving period, when you lose a loved one. There is a lot of denial at first, my mom used to say I was eating too much and that’s why I was sick. Once she said I was on my iPhone too much, and the motion of bending my neck to the phone was making me sick! Then she said it was parasites! I kept telling her, I know when something is not right. When I told her it was Lupus, she couldn’t understand how I ended up with Lupus, and I think she feels a little guilty. Sometimes parents blame themselves, because they feel they could have done something differently to prevent it. If you get the a lupus diagnosis, sit and talk with your mom. She might want to join a support group too. My mom did. I hope you get the answer you seek soon. And you are only 23, you couldn’t have possible discovered all you like to do yet!

Oh bless you Tiffany,

Lupus does make we where issues are took more serious and i was shocked at 18 with my seizures alone and never knowing i had Lupus and to constantley fall over 18 times a day takes it out of you...so i fully understand although it is different circumstances at the time with me.

Try and keep yourself carm because stress is the worst mate and i do feel for you with your symptoms your having.

Loads of love Terri xxx