Hair loss

Does anyone know of any products that can help with hair loss? I’m on plaquenil and I assume that’s why I am losing hair so quickly. It’s so depressing. I’m taking a good dose of biotin daily, but I’m still losing hair at an alarming rate. (Among the other crappy side effects of lupus and meds) :frowning:

I’m not on plaquenil but I do lose hair when I’m having a particularly bad flare. Other than supplements (biotin, prenatal vitamins) and hair products that don’t necessarily make the hair loss stop but strengthens what you have. Maybe stop into a place like Ulta and ask one of the stylists there. You could try some hair thickening products too. I honestly don’t do anything special for my hair since the hair loss only is noticeable during a flare and when I’m flaring, my hair is the last thing on my head (well mind, since my hair is in fact on my head lol). I hope you find something that works for you :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing. I am taking Biotin but guess it must be a flare since I am fairly new at this my hair falls off by the hand full every time I shower and brush it ;(. Read that the sun also makes it fall off more? But since I have to be out for physical therapy, doctor appts etc. wear long sleeves and sunscreen anyone know if wearing a hat will help too? So tired of my hair being in the sink and all over the floor everytime I touch it.

I have crazy long hair (past my waist) so when you find a clump of it you start looking for the anchor that must have busted loose from the rope! You can never be too covered up with lupus. I have noticed a few flares that have hit while I was out in the sun in the 110 degree summers that the clumps are on top of my head so maybe there is a correlation there. The other thing I do is always wear my hair up on the top of my head in a loose bun, sometimes a sock bun. Not only does it preventing me from being choked by my own hair, there isn’t much friction on your hair while you toss and turn. I’ve heard satin pillowcases help your hair too.

Two months ago I has bald spots. Rogaine for women works. Ill post pic. Im on my third month using it

I’ve noticed that, too. I am newly diagnosed (February), but as I look back, I can recall other times when it was on a fast clip of falling out. Is it the plaquenil? Doe biotin help?

Soft ice pacs on my scalp at night were helpful to me. Best Wishes Karen xo

I have had hair kiss several times and

I’m currently dealing with it right now.

It has stopped the excessive shedding now I’m

trying to get it back on track. I cut it short

into a pixie hair cut & I love it. I wear my hair

pretty short but still I had a lot of

hair loss. I had also recently had a bad flare

but I am also very anemic and my iron levels are

dangerously low right now. I found out from

my hematologist that low iron and anemia are

major culprits in hair loss. So I think my hair loss was

two fold: my flare & the anemia & low iron.

I’m now on an iron supplement that is by prescription

& and another vitamin with iron. I also take Hairfinity

vitamins. They are a little pricey but they do work very

well. The doctor thinks once I get the anemia & iron under

control the hair loss should stop all together.

But I’ve never had any hair loss associated with Plaquenil &

I’ve been on it for about. 5 yrs.

I'm on methotrexate which was causing some hair loss. My rheumy has me taking 1 mg of folic acid each day. It has helped. I also opted for a shorter cut bc it's easier to make it look fuller that way.

I had extreme hair loss with my flares so along with my normal meds, plaquinil, methotrexate, benlysta my doc also put me on 1 mg of folic acid and another med called leucovoran I take 3 pills once a week I beleive it is folonic acid? It had really helped prior to benlysta now we are starting to lose more hair again so maybe a dose adjustment is in order. Good luck I hope this helps. I also bought a shampoo, conditioner and treatment called Nioxin that is for hair loss I love that stuff a little pricey but I feel like it is worth it. :slight_smile:

im not on any of the lupus meds and my hair is falling out by the handfuls,not sure whats causing it,another thing i used to have baby fine hair and it was so straight i would have to put a body perm in it just so i could do something with it,now i havent permed it in over 5 yrs and its so darn curly i cant do anything with it,i look like i stuck my finger in a light socket,anybody ever hear of this happening?

The only external product that I've had limited success with is Rogaine for Women. It definitely increase re-growth and my dermatologist believes it slows the loss as well. Overall though, my hair is much thinner than it used to be and its still falling out more than it should. I can see my scalp which I have never been able to do. Just one more thing to love about Lupus. :(

Biotin (5,000 mg daily) seems to help me. I have always had baby fine hair and struggled with it. Didn't even get hair until I was 2 years old! Prior to that time my mother taped a pink bow on my bald head so people would know I was female! One thing I have learned is I shouldn't wash it every day. They make some good dry shampoos now that can help with oiliness in between shampoos. I buy a generic one at the beauty supply and it costs about $6.00.

I use apple cider vinegar undiluted topically to stop hair loss but, my hair loss is caused from a different reason than yours. Take care, Jeff

I’m losing my hair too. Always sweeping it up and unclogging drains. Was thinking of getting a hair, skin and nail supplement with biotin but after reading the replies here maybe I’ll just get a biotin supplement. Any recomendations?

I have the same problem. I cant find anything that helps that isnt extremly expensive. Biotin is the best i can say that is natural and not too expensive. Good luck!

I lost my hair about a year ago. Started using Rogaine for women a month ago and it’s growing back! I’m also using Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner, as well as taking Biotin. Hard to say what’s working but something is!