Hair loss

I know hair loss is common with lupus. I would like to know how others deal with this. Is there anything that helps with the hair loss?

my hair is a big part of me. Right now im trying to deal with it. I do wear i wig sometimes if i dont have a headache. Its really not that bad to be honest wearing a wig. You don't have to buy a human one because there is not that many styles. Try to push it back and cover it as long as you can. I truly thinking about shaving mine. I will take my own hair before Lupus takes it from me. Good luck and best wishes

Since I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine, a lot less of my hair has been falling out. I would also recommend using organic/natural (Trader Joe's) shampoo instead of the normal kind. It is less rough on your hair. I know when I wash my hair more comes out that way. I also take folic acid which is supposed to help. A good multivitamin daily will help overall.

My dermatologist recommended a zinc supplement. She also recommended the rogaine overnight treatment.

I have really struggled with this issue over the years. My hair has come and gone. I am also diagnosed with Alopecia. About five years ago, during a high-stress time (although my docs say that had nothing to do with it), I started rapidly losing my hair. Now I have none on my body, at all. It's both a blessing and a curse. I don't have to shave my arm pits or legs, but I have no hair on my head, no eye lashes, and no eye brows. I have become a pro with the brow pencil (so much that I have been asked where I got mine done). It has really affected me emotionally over the years. I have said over and over that I just want to be normal. Just for the record, normal is way over-rated. :) Truthfully, I know of nothing that can stop it. It does sometimes spontaneously grow back. My rheumy told me to take the max dose of plaquenil and hope that would help, but it didn't. I do wear wigs now, although initially, I was very resistant to doing so. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I have also adjusted to when people see me without my hair (if I want to go to the pool with my kids, I can't wear my wig, if I plan to swim - its enough of a kill-joy that I can't stay out in the sun long). I get some stares, and that's when I want to start educating. Hang in there! Hope things get better for you!

There's a product that is used for show horses, to make hair grow in quickly for horse shows. Someone figured out that it might work on humans, and it did, so now people with lupus and cancer and hypothyroid are trying it. It has helped me a number of times. It's "Mane'n'tail conditioner". I get it at Walmart, in the regular conditioner section. Not the animals section. *grin* You put about a nickle sized dab in your hand, and rub into your scalp. Not all over your hair. Then you sleep with it on, and wash it out in the morning. I only have to do it a few times a week for it to work. They also have a shampoo but it didn't help me and I've never heard any good reviews about it. The bottle of conditioner is so big I had to get smaller bottles to fill and pass out or else it would be a lifetime supply. lol.

I agree with Sheila W. Mane and Tail does work, I also take a Hair and Skin Vitamin each day along with my folic Acid and a Multi Vitamin. I had to cut off all of my dead ends first, that will also help your hair to grow back in faster.

Biotin has helped me, but I did wear a wig for almost a year.

All of my hair came out when I was diagnosed in 2010. My hair used to be to my shoulders but eventually I came to terms with my hair not defining me. I actually looked like a baby bald eagle. I have been wearing wigs since then and it has grown back some. I have recently been taking a multi, folic and biotin also.

Biotin you can get at GNC helps as well, shampoo and conditioner. I would say the supplement would also help.

I have heard biotin is good but I have not tried it . Try not to dye your hair but if you have to use a natural hair dye. Also you can use TEA TREE essential oil. You can buy it at a health store. add a few drops in a bottle.