Hair loss

Does anyone know what type of vitamins or shampoos to take to slow down the process of hair loss. I know that one of the side effects of taking Plaquenil is so. Any suggestions?

When I was finally diagnosed by a female dermatologist, it wasn’t long before I experienced a huge loss of hair on the back of my head. She ordered a script for liquid pred but it took about 6 mo’s before I could leave my wig behind. Needless to say at the time of loss, I freaked out. This was back in 1981. Not much info or tech available at that time.

My hair dresser recommended a shampoo called Nioxin and the formula for thin hair. Somehow it strengthens the hair so you lose it less quickly. I’ve noticed my hair feels thicker; but then I don’s suffer from extreme hair loss.

My hair did grow back, with liquid Pred to the scalp. Nioxin wasn’t out there then. Not sure it would have helped. I am (was) a hairdresser. I think it is good for regular baldness, but not necessarily for what we have.

I almost lost all my hair and the only thing that made it grow back is when I started taking Plaquenil. Its a life saver to me!! :)