Great article about pain

i just read a great article in Oprah on line about how pain is different in men and women. It is even different in Red headed women!

I have always felt like some of the doctors I have seen take my husband more seriously about his chronic pain than mine. My husband even spoke to the doctors who tended to do this to try and get them to hear me and how much pain I can be in.

This article speaks about the importance of testing on both men and women since seems our brains are wired differently to handle pain. Makes sense since we have babies and must endure that...speaking of that. I think of experience my niece had helping women give birth in Ghana and here in US. Of course, i think answer is some where in the middle of two experiences.

Compared to a hospital here in Southern California that gets mainly very wealthy women. They demanded large amounts of attention before and after birth. Where Ghana women did not even bother to come in till they ready to deliver and than would leave almost immediately to go back to work. They could not afford to miss work due to poverty conditions.

Here is link if you like to read it...not too long take few minutes. It also has article in same area about migraines. I know many of us suffer from them so might check it out as well. Plus, she always has some great book ideas!!