I have been all kinds of gastro issues and my gastrologist is running more stool tests but this time added a test to check my gallbladder. Just curious if anybody has had inflammation of their gallbladder from lupus??

Just had mine removed in May.i was having chronic severe right side abdominal pain with bile reflux. Im petit ,very thin so it obviously had nothing to do with weight or diet. My MRCP showed gallstones and sludge so my drs wanted me to have it out ASAP but warned it’s probably not the entire cause of pain because they also found a cyst on my pancreas close to a bile duct . Now i still suffering from bile reflux and bouts of pancreantitis. My diagnosiss are SLE,relapsing polycondritus, homocystinuria, undifferentiated connective tissues disease . I lot of what happens to me is not typical with lupus but if you have systemic inflammation involving you organs like i do than anything is possible

I had my gallbladder taken out 3 years ago (I was 19) it took me longer than it should have to complain to my doctor about the pain because I hadn’t been diagnosed SLE yet so I had many people telling me my constant pain was in my head. They ran some general tests but eventually an ultrasound showed gallstones and inflammation (gallbladder the size of a softball) and I had to get it taken out that night.