Flouerscent Lights and Migraines

Does anybody get migraines from being around flourescent lights? I work in a hospital, and the lights have been really getting to me. I recently switched to night shift and have seen a big difference when they turn down most of the lights. Plus it’s not as hot and noisey, and my head feels great. I felt like normal, before lupus, for the first time in at least 6 months. Or what else seems to affect you?

Some types of florescent lights can affect people with photosensitivity. There are several articles online about the types of bulbs and/or shades that will block the UVA/UVB rays. I haven’t personally experienced a problem though. The bottom of this article gives some info on lighting.


lighting effects me greatly! I am so sensitive to light--especially the color of light. When I lived in NJ I had to use a full spec lamp during the winter or I would too depressed to breathe. I am ok here in nm but I can;t use overhead lights and need soft but bright and pink is actually best. Literally makes me feel better to see things through rose colored glasses.

oh, and if the sun is shining through a row of trees as we pass by in a wa yit makes the light flicker, i have to close my eys and cover my head and even then it feels like i am going to have a seizure.

I am extrememly sensitive to florescent lights. I have no problem with the sun...but put me in a hospital...and I will rash out, get a migraine, and flare to the max. I use to have a huge problem shopping but since I am on pretty good doses of prednisone, I seem to have less issues. I also have a big problem flying, UVA OR UVB rays not quite sure...but I get sick as a wolf. lol