Flare ups, how long does yours last,what do they consist of

How long do your flare ups last,what do they consist of what do you do to help them .

Hello Lia,

Concerning a flare it's what your suffering with concerning Lupus...with the skin if a flare kicks off meaning a bad rash it can go from a couple of days to 2wks...the same goes with joint pain with RA and lupus involved and with SLE where your organs can ache through triggering pains from one organ to the next.

If you get all of these issues involved together the same for those but if a flare extends into 6wks or more thye're classed as chronic where furtur help is needed and coping with these can be hard through skin irritation if not pain and all you can do to help them is either add cream given you by a derom or rheumo and what meds your on for joint pain and organ pain.

I had a flare after xmas that went into nearly 7wks and i'm not joking the lot combined can drive you mad.

((All my love to you Lia)) Terri xxx