Finally an appt with my rheumy! NOV 19

With my birthday coming up (on the 28) it just seems like another year passing but I finally have my appt set…kinda scared of the known and unknown…when I was pregnant with my first son I worked as a process operator at a company that produces IV bags which required standing for 12 hours in steel toe shoes on the night shift even with that and a growing belly was nothing compared to the type of pain I endure right now, that was a piece of cake! I worked till 8 1/2 months… I feel like I may not ever be able to have a full time job again… My husband medically retired from the army due to being shot in Afghanistan and is now the sole provider since our first child…a part of me feels bad because I’ve always worked and I feel like I can’t really contribute anymore…right now tramadol and melexiocam (Pordon the spelling) is the only thing that can keep me asleep during the night because if I don’t take it I’m literally tossing and turning all night from the pain in my hips back knees and ankles…I’m usually on the couch all day on the sucky days and just when I think I’m doing ok or everything I’ve been going through was a phase or in my head I get knocked right back down with the pain…most days I just have to push through it because my husband works 12 hour days and my kids don’t understand mommy doesn’t feel good most days so the show must go on right? Things could be worse is how I choose to look at it…I’m just ready to find out what exactly I’m going through and what’s it’s going to take to find some type of relief because whatever it is I will always be a mother and a wife first and no disease can stop that! So keep me in your guys prayers and hopefully I will get an answer! 23 and still loving life!

On the bright side I now have 5 kids 2 babies(Jayden 2 Leilani 1) 2 kittens( pebbles and bam bam) and 1 puppy (Luna) the kittens are the new edition a gift from the husband something to cuddle with on those crappy days on the couch lol

I hope you get some answers and help with your pain! Just doesn’t seem fair you are so young. Do you have anything to help with pain?

I take tramadol and melexiocam

I wish the best for you.Sometimes life seems to be so hard,Sometimes miracles do happen and I hope one comes for you

Thank you so much

One good and bad thing about lupus is that it’s always going to change eventually. As soon as you learn to live with something, you wake up one day feeling different. Sometimes that is a remission! :slight_smile: