Earning money at home

Earning Money at Home
When we get sick, we often can only work from home. I have always done this. Always 3 jobs at a time until the last 2 years when I got too busy with one job to do any others. I’d like to offer you the same opportunity, and here is the research I did to find LEGITIMATE work at home.
Many of these are for writing, but also there are some where people want someone to finish a craft they started. Sometimes sewing or embroidery, sometimes woodwork or metal work, models they couldn’t finish, and so much more. Some sites are looking for photos you can take with your digital camera. Babies, pets, scenery, Everyday life photos, architecture of your area, the list is endless. To find the photography jobs, Google “freelance photography projects” and “freelance photography jobs”.
This one is trustworthy. The rest are too, but I have worked for this one.
How does helium.com work?
www.freelance.com -has other freelance jobs too
This article has more good suggestions.
find writing projects
www.getafreelancer.com --other freelance jobs too
www.freelancejobopenings.com --other freelance jobs too
www.ifreelance.com --other freelance jobs too
www.elance.com (I have worked here) --other freelance jobs
www.triond.com (Triond ilsts at least 12 other freelance writing sites on their site)
article-how you earn money at Triond
article-be a Triond superstar
Another good website: www.guru.com
The title on this said "How to earn money at home without spending a dime"
IF you are an expert in English, if you can spell, know how to use punctuation correctly, how to spot mistakes easily, you may qualify as a proofreader or editor. This is the work I do. The best places to get work for that are www.translatorscafe.com and www.proz.com . Register there (don’t need to pay the registration fee, I never have), and sign up for the English to English option, and sign up for the emails so you can be notified when someone wants a proofreader.
If you speak another language perfectly, you can also sign up as a translator at those sites. You can also Google “translation websites” and offer your services as an English proofreader, or translator. This is how my business partners and I got so many customers that we are too busy and not looking for new clients anymore. We also get the notifications from the above websites, which helped, because if they like your work, they use your services again and again.
Watch out to look for these companies that charge fees. Only pay a fee for a job if the job pays enough to cover the fee and give you a lot left over. For example, if you have to pay the company $15 but the offered pay for a job is only $25, it may not be worth it to you. But if the job offers more than $100, it might be worth it.
I have found that people usually pay promptly, as you give back the project. You tell them how to pay you, whether by bank wire or PayPal or Western Union. Most like PayPal. It shows more integrity and professionalism than Western Union, and you don’t have to give all those strangers your bank acct.number. It would be good to open an account there. It is secure like a bank, and this way you don't have to give out your bank account information to strangers, and when you decide to buy things online, you don't have to give your credit card number to strangers. They are insured like a bank and they even guarantee a product that you buy if it's broken or doesn't arrive, etc.
There are some large companies that pay at the end of the month, so ask their payment terms when you apply for a project. Keep records of the projects you did, and for whom, and the date and the price they owe you, when you got paid, or when the payment is expected (when they agreed to pay you) so you can remind people for payment if necessary.
Don't give up too soon. For a while, it may be a part time job to seek out projects, but after you are established in a few places, the work may come in by itself. As long as there is life, there is hope.
Best wishes in your endeavors.

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