Still kinda new to this site and navigating it, but did anyone see The Dr.Phil show today and yesterday? Just wondering what anyone else thought about it. As for me a long time Dr.Phil fan I will no longer watch his show for the way he treated that woman today. Supposedly she has 70 diagnosis, Lupus being one of them and they pretty much made her out to be a hypochondriac that exaggerates her symptoms. Nevermind the 69 other diagnosis, the fact that she has Lupus alone breaks my heart that her family DOES NOT understand what she's going through and yes, the disease consumes and defines you and your abilities. My heart sunk for that poor woman on national tv like that. Heartless Dr.Phil...shame on you!!!!

I will have to watch it on my dvr

I watched yesterday and today and while i empathize with her for pain and suffering i can definitely see why her family could be pushed to the breaking point … i mean you just can’t argue with a pulmonary embolism and several other serious issues she was diagnosed with including lupus but i don’t think that makes it an ok situation for an especialley a frail women on sooooooo many durgs and some dangerous combinations! Clearly she has seen several different specialist (like most of us including myself have too)but has dr hopped in search of second, third, forth, fith maybe more opinions of every possible diagnosis so its impossible not to end up with 70ish diagnosis when you’ve asked 100 plus professional opinions! I have several diagnosis myself because i have multiple organ involvement, blood disorders and a bunch of issues at 35 years old because of my autoimmune diseases BUT my mental health is unscathed and im pretty rational. .she doesn’t appear stable or rational and was is totally open about her mental health "issues " . It’s these doctor’s responsibility to recognize when a patient might be in limbo ,needing physical and mental guidance! not just reckless "diagnosing " and or"treating /medicating " out of ego. There also needs to BE SOME self accountability. I could absolutely justify laying in bed all day every day, eating morphine and tramadol while hooked up to my oxogen compressor buuuuuut I choose NOT TO and most importantly for my daughter’s sake… she 16 so its not like i really have to "mommy " her but i will not waste any of our precious time together . This woman clearly needs emotional, mental and perhaps substance councilng and a much tighter medical team to manage her overall health hopefully give her some quality of life!

I think the message was not to make light of her illness but to show the dangers of allowing an illness to totally define you

I didn't see the episodes, but went to watch the promos on Dr. Phil's site. Even if you do consider that she might need mental/emotional help (and better medication management), what was done to her on national television was horrible. To take a woman, fragile in health and heart, put her on such a show, and let her family lambast her, even with the host berating her, is ridiculous. It seems Dr. Phil is a present day Jerry Springer! Even his site was scrolling across the top "Huge Family Drama? Have a Story Dr Phil Won't Believe? See How to Get on the Show!" or something like that. Such sensationalism is NOT helpful OR respectable. I've never liked the man, and I like him even less now.

I watched this on youtube, How dare he imply this woman is more mentally ill than physically ill, She has lupus we all know what that does. She seemed to be over medicated to the extreme. I felt really angry how she was portrayed on the show, she clearly has issues, and shame on him for exploiting her for the sake of ratings. He also has done a great disservice to people everywhere that suffer and live with a chronic illness everyday, he only fueled that growing ignorance in this country that auto immune disease are all in our heads, he ought to be ashamed of himself!! I've never watched this show in the past, nor have I ever watched anything on youtube, your post made me curious, sorry I wasted the 90 minutes to watch it I kept hoping he was going to say something like not everyone with an autoimmune disease suffers from the somatic symptom syndrome he referred to throughout the show , instead he all but came out and told her she was crazy.

When was the date of the show and the name. I watched the clip on internet. I would like to see the show but need an air date
thanks jj

the show aired on 11/10 and 11/11 I found it on you tube.