Doctors not prescribing drugs that are too expensive

I recently read an article about drs trying to appease insurance companies by not prescribing medications that are very expensive, such as Benlysta. I’m curious about this because my dr steadfastly refuses to prescribe this, despite the fact that I’ve tried a multitude of therapies and am still in active flare (too many symptoms to record here). Has anyone else run into this, or was this just a sensational article?

Benlysta has a very narrow scope of people it helps -only around 30% and has a slew of side effects. In many it does help the nbenefits also are very limited and they continue to need support of other drugs. When docs prescribe they also have to take into effect whether or not the drug will be effective in YOUR case. And also whether the risks of taking the drug will outweigh the benefit. Has nothing to do with appeasing the insurance companies.