Do your hands feel like pins & needles, burn & are the finger tips swollen?

This has been happening to me for about a week now & it’s driving me nuts!!! It makes it really hard to touch things, because then my hand (right) just hurts & feels like its been cut open. I have to use my hands every day at work. When work is done I feel like crying, but I refuse to let this beat me!!!

Happens with Raynauds in cool weather with me…Especially this past winter, all of a sudden I had full blown raynauds, even affected my feet & toes they turned purple/bluish, burned, numbness, tingling as they warmed up again, then turned red, swollen on fingers/toes and really white?? So weird but also VERY annoying & So Painful!!! I know it hurts so bad too, talk w ur Doc, and see what he/she says bout it, maybe u are flaring & this is how it is showing something is going on, u may need a new med, a change in meds, could even be a side effect of a medication 2?? U never know…Don’t cry, I know u are sick of all of this, we all feel like crying often, but u are right, DO NOT let this beat You!! U are stronger than it!! FIGHT!! And please keep smiling! Suzie :0)

Sunni, i am sorry it took me so long to reply. but yes, my hands...well, my left had and arm are often numb and or tingly and i get sharp shooting pain in my feet (left mostly) sometimes. When it happens in my foot I usually check because it feel like a bite! but it has never been a bite... Do you feel more on one side than the other?

And I am so sorry your hands are causing so much pain---I will keep you in my prayers. I have to drive to a nearby town for a doc--two hours there and two back. Everytime I look at my hands while driving I will lift you up in prayer. May God bless you and may your gaurdian angel minister to you in your suffering the way the angels helped Christ in his agony in the garden.

I will check back tonight when I get home, so please let me know how you are doing.

I lost the use of my fingers a year ago, only on my left side. Attended Drs and he gave me some nerve sedation pills and sent me for electrode tests. I asked if the pins and needles and numbness in my arm and fingers were related to Lupus (He said definitely not) The Electrode treatment diagnosed that I had a trapped nerve in my elbow so I was referred for surgery. In February 2010 I had my ulna nerve decompressed. Low and behold the numbness did fade and I regained the feeling back in my fingers, however I still suffer from numbness and what I can only describe as funny sensations from the forearm to the wrist and the back of my hand. I am not convinced that this is not related to Lupus and would like to know if anyone else has this problem. I actually feel that I went through surgery for NO reason.

Liz xx

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good to know more about--i signed up for the newsletter. thanks for this.