Do we have our own tooth fairy?

I have to go to the dentist on Wednesday. I love my dental hygienist. She is gentle and kind. I do not love the periodontist. She looks in my mouth and then she looks down at me. It is clear that she thinks that my periodontal issues are the result of me being too stupid and too lazy to brush and floss. She looks in my mouth, wiggles a loose tooth, and says, "well that one is going to come out." I mean all those years of school and she can figure out when a tooth is loose. Most six year olds can do that.

When I told her that I knew my vitamin D deficiency was related to my periodontal disease, she replied, "Oh, you mean that new stuff." "Yes," I replied, "the new stuff that I am telling you about and not the other way around." She has not come into the exam room and wiggled a tooth while looking down her nose at me since then.

But I will definitely be loosing another tooth soon. What I want to know is if lupus people have their own tooth fairy. When the tooth falls out, if I put in under my pillow will the tooth fairy leave me money? I need money to pay for some dentures.