Saw the GP about me and my daughter!

Hi all,

I went to see my GP today and I am on antibiotics as the ulcers in my mouth are now infected and bleeding :( She is repeating my bloods again to see if my flare is as bad as I think it is, that way I can possibly bring my rheumy appointment forward. She was really impressed though as the last time I saw her was in March!

She listened to my concerns about Steph, my daughter, didn't tell me I was paranoid, even when I said that maybe I was! lol! She said I was right to be concerned given our family history of Auto immune diseases and she has ordered a battery of blood tests as a first point of reference. Already having to bribe Steph with trips to toy shops after the blood tests......she has only ever had one in the past and she remembers it hurt :( She is 7!

Anyway, please spare a prayer, kind thought, whatever that it isn't anything auto immune with her, I feel so guilty even at the prospect :(

The GP spotted a rash under the skin across her nose and forehead too :( Please God don't let it be :(


Hello Lisa,

Have you been tested for sjogren's syndrome besides Lupus as this causes ulcers in your mouth besides Lupus...does your mouth ever feel dry besides your eyes?...i do hope what the doctor's given you heals them up quickly.

Regarding your daughter my fingers are crossed for you and don't feel bad about the situation as these issues can't be helped.

Love & kisses to you both....Terri xxx

Prayers for comfort and healing are with you both......bless your hearts! HUGS! Lori

Praying for all in need tonight! May the Lord bless you!

Hi Lisa, GLAD you got antibiotics. SAD that they are all infected! OUCH!!! Use lots of salt water rinses, it seems to take the sting out of the cankers. We have auto-immune disease 11+ generations back in our family. I don't think anyone's blood work showed anything until after age 14, and my sisters and brothers blood work didn't show anything until after age 45. I remember my growing pains were worse than other kids and I got lots of sore spots, like inflammations here and there that the doctors couldn't figure out. No infection, just inflammations that felt like infections.

Praying, but relax for about 10 years. Her blood work won't show anything yet. Like your Dr. said, it will be a good base reading to know what her blood work is normally, Sheila

Hi Lisa,

Just try and stay strong and we all hope you get better soon.

Hugs Terri xxx

Hi Lisa

Take care of yourself, and I'm so sorry your ulcers are infected. You are a good mom! You have nothing to feel guilty for! I'm praying for you and your daughter, and concentrate on today, don't worry about what you can't control. I'm glad you're GP was understanding, when your daughter gets her blood work, try to get some extra fluids in her. Kids aren't good water drinkers anyway, but dehydrated makes it hurt. Get her some water enhancer or something to encourage her to drink. I hate getting blood work done on a 12 hr fast. I found a tech at my doctor's office that I love, and I will always go there from now on : ) Trisha

Hello Siter Grace,

I am pleased nothing serious came with your daughter and she's living an happy your daughter i also suffer with psoriasis.

Love Terri :)

SisterGrace said:


Prayers going her way! My daughter (who is now 25) developed rashes on her scalp at that age. I worried as well. She has psoriasis and some hip pain occasionally, which given the possibilities is a blessing. She is an athlete, has a graduate degree, recently married and very happy hiking the hills in Tennessee. There is hope and I wanted to share that with you on behalf of your daughter.

Sister Grace

I understand your fear and guilt but remember you had no way of knowing and no way of preventing. My thoughts and prayers are with you in the hopes that your daughter is ok and that you feel better soon!!!

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Hello Flutterbymare,

I'm not being ignorant but i've not got a clue what they means? lol

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Thank you to everyone! I’m beginning to wonder how I coped before I found you all!
I don’t know if I’ve been tested for sjogrens to be honest Terri, lol! I’ve had the bits of paper in my eyes if that’s it? My rheumy tests me for stuff but doesn’t tell me what because she knows I have medical knowledge and that I will get worked up and anxious waiting for results! Lol!
I also don’t understand the last reply, it looks like a computer error! Lol
Thank you again to everyone, I am so grateful xxx

Hello Lisa,

Your welcome form us all and it's nice having you to share your experiences besides...the test you had for sjogren's is a special filter paper test called "Schirmer tear test" do need to know if you have it and next time you see your rheumo ask if you have it and if the answer is what degree primary or secondary because that's a disease that needs to be controlled well besides Lupus.

Takecare love Terri xxx

Prayers and hugs continue Lisa!



Lisa, I will definitely keep you and your daughter in my prayers. Skitch

Hello Lisa,

I do hope you and your daughter are update would be lovely on how your both keeping.

Love Terri xxx

I also have the same problem but found wonderful meds. Its called Pulfex and yu paint it on the sore and use a antiseptic mouth wash with it..

Hello Anna-marie,

Thank you fr your input and what you've suggested i hope helps other members.

Terri :) xxx

Anna-marie said:

I also have the same problem but found wonderful meds. Its called Pulfex and yu paint it on the sore and use a antiseptic mouth wash with it..