Guys, I need your help. I went to my doctor today and discussed re-newing my intermittent disability paperwork for my job and to start the disability process. From what I have read from you guys, it’s what my doctor says that really weighs in. So I asked her to help me. She said that social security doesn’t go through her, but they just read her notes and do a non-partial claim. She mentioned that the fastest way was to start the application online.

I went online, and the application is confusing. Any help? Who has gone through this? I really need to get this done but if I don’t even know how to answer them I have no idea what I am going to do.


We found a local disability center that is helping me go through all the processes of getting disability. The guy has helped us set up things for SS, VOC rehab and even an apartment. I don't know how we could have gotten where we are without his help. We also talked with the Social Services at Mayo when we were at my last appointments. Everything is so confusing to me so I am thankful for all the help from the disability center, and my mom. Wish you the best of luck and you can get it all figured out! :)

Find a disability attorney. Let them do all the work. They don't get paid unless you win your claim. They'll take 25% off the top of your initial payment and that's it. I'm going through the process now with an attorney. Of course I was denied, but about 65% of people are denied their first time. The appeals process can be very tricky, so having an attorney really is necessary. For your sanity...work with a disability lawyer!


I've gone through this online, and you need all your doctor's information and your working history beside you as you fill it out. Have names, phone numbers addresses ready so you don't have to search for it while you're filling it out. You can save and come back to it at any time while you're filling it out. It is long, but just take it a little at a time. There are many of us who are and have gone through this. After my first denial, I sought help of a lawyer, but you can get a lawyer to help you out with the application process.

Very interesting. I am hoping to not have to go on disability, but money is getting tight, and I highly doubt I will get hired anywhere. Being barely able to walk is not a good first impression, from a managerial stand point at least. So it does obviously take a long time, so I was wondering how long you all waited before you had to file, or just did file to start the long process?... I am still not 100% diagnosed due to not being able to get insurance (come on obamacare... March is when I believe the denials for conditions, and testing needed begins... unless someone knows otherwise...), but my symptoms have been ungodly horrible since mid July. So, yea, thanks for this thread! Helpful! :)

I applied online and just answered all the questions, a few months later they sent me a package to fill out and return. I applied in January 2013 and was approved this month. If you have the qualifying Circumstances supported by your medical records you should have no problem.
Good luck!!

Speak to an attorney,he will do the whole process.I heard the move quick.

He gets paid from your retro pay,once you get approved.

i applied in april I have adhd and dyslexia, last month I was denied. they even sent me to a behavior doctor, all the while I was starting the doctor diagnoses of lupus, then I got the letter, I went to a lawyer they take 25 % or 6,000 and it comes straight from social security. so everything I did before last month the lawyer will get paid for as well everything he does. but if I don't win he gets nothing so I hope I win. the process is something like this one week a letter from the lawyer, a month later a note from the social security then 18 months for a hearing.

where as if you do it on your own like I did 6 month on my own, dyned, then off to a lawyer for another 18 months of work.

Find a lawyer who specializes in this sort of thing! I was lucky in that my former employer took care of the process for me and I was accepted right away. It was part of my disability retirement agreement. Keep going until you are approved!


I applyed and got disapproved cos I was still working .so I re signed in March and got approved right away I had to resign because the pain was way too much for me to still work and I was unable to perform my duties my boss also wrote a letter explaining that I was no longer an asset to my job because I was not doing even the minimal what I was supposed to be doing at work maybe that would help you and I applied by phone not online try doing that good luck to you and be blessed :heart::heart:¤:heart::heart::heart:nancy inTexas

First you will need to contact any and all doctors that you have seen to get your own copies of your records. Use this information to help you fill out the forms.Then go on to the disability website and see what is required to qualify for Lupus disability.

1) http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/14.00-Immune-A...

Check out all the sections on the left in blue to see how many are listed in your medical records.

2) http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/11.00-Neurolog...

Neurological issues can also be listed for Lupus in your records. The more symptoms listed the better your chances.

3) http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/8.00-Skin-Adul...

Do you have any skin involvement?

4) http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/9.00-Endocrine...

Do you have any of the endocrine disorders mentioned in this section?

5) http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/1.00-Musculosk...

Do you have any of these issues listed?

6) http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/3.00-Respirato...Do you have anything affecting you respiratory system?

The more systems that your Lupus is affecting the better you chances of obtaining disability. But it MUST be documented by your doctor (s). The more doctors you have seen, the better.

The Social Security Administration will send you to their own doctors for a determination. They will pay you after you go, for your gas and time. It's only a small amount, but it is a little money.

The more you take you time and read each question carefully and think of just how much each question impacts your day, the better your chances. Just think of your worst days and answer your questions then. Not by your best days. Since our lives do tend to waiver but are dictated by our bad days.

I filled mine out by myself even with memory issues and dealing with other issues. Don't share your money with a lawyer if you don't have to.

Th equations are confusing, and the whole thing stresses me out. I don’t think I can handle this alone. I guess a lawyer is the best idea because it is causing me to stress and flare badly. Love you guys. Thank you so much for all your help.

Find a local disabilities network or advocacy. I know I keep harping or going to a local Lupus support group or finding one in your area to talk to, but they already have the resources and know how that is so important. They will help with SS, a good doctor or specialist, a willing ear to just listen when you need a face to face.

A lawyer that specializes in this is a wonderful decision, if you can afford their help. Yes, I know they only get paid if you win. But look at the amount you will be awarded potentially, then subtract their payments. Most of us can not afford those payments based on what SS we would receive. Also, if you have children under 18, most lawyers will factor in their potential SS income to the fees, percentage they want.

Kimberly, any ideas how to find a local support group? I have not been able to find one here (I love in a relatively small town.) there is a support group held by the pain management group but I went three months in a row and I was the only one there. Not much of a group! I stopped trying because I had to have a ride there and it seemed pointless for me to bother someone else to just go sit for an hour by myself.

About the SSD, I think it is so worth it to have a lawyer. Yes, they take their fees out of what the award is and it seems like a lot of money but I would rather have less money up front than no money at all (which is far more likely without an attorney.) The only fees they would get are from the back payment that you receive if approved? They can not get any fees from any ongoing monthly payments that you receive.

Have a great day!

I lost my job in Aug. 2012 ,by Aug this year I finally won my case.I feel like at least I now have a little control.Disability is what I’m talking about.I got turned down the first time,then got a Lawyer.I learned it’s so important to have your medical records in order.I was going to a State run hospital.They don’t keep good records.You should get a copy of your visit everytime you see a Dr.My Attorney also had me keep a journal.The greatest thing about winning my case is that I got Medicaid.Our state hospital has so many cut backs that my Dr has been treating me through email since last Feb.pitiful,With Medicaid I feel like a real person.Im getting good medical attention.My Ana blood test had been negative for about a year and a half,it was positive for about that long too.Well its back,now I’m seeing specialist, so for now life is good

Try united disability lawyers group they are currently helping me they do the application for you also your doctors is correct you send the application they request your medical records then you are chechked by a doctor assigned by the goverment