Does anyone else seem to have a problem with this? I drink water all the time. It seems like I never have enough. And if I don't drink a lot, I feel terrible.

are you on steroids?? adrenal fatigue can cause dehydration... are you really tired and craving salty and sweet foods??

I have the same thing! I have to constantly drink water or else my eyes, nose and mouth get extremely dry and I feel dehydrated. I am on prednisone (20 mg/day for almost 4 yrs) so cayleigh, you might be right - maybe it's adrenal fatigue. I can't go anywhere without a water bottle.

id go visit a doctor both of you its not good having adrenal fatigue it can make you feel so ill and im sure they can do something about it...

ya, me too and im not on anything yet, i get nauseated if i drink too much water !

I drink tons of water. I do not have any health conditions that would trigger this. Kidneys are good, not diabetic… If I don’t drink enough my mouth is very dry. I feel I’ll if I don’t get enough.

I have the same thing. I have to drink all day long until I go to bed. My doctor says its sjogrens syndrome. I also get dry eyes and vaginal dryness and constipation. If I don't drink enough I feel worse, you get dehydrated. Have doctor check you for sjogrens.

I notice that when I don't drink enough water, then I'm eating all the time. I don't crave water or feel thirsty, I'm eating instead. I know it sounds crazy.... I've been concentrating on drinking more water again, I'm trying to drop a few pounds.

Yes, I drink so much water! Im really thirsty in the middle of the night, I drink at least three bottles of water every night (so you know where Im going all night, lol). I thought it was the medications that I was on causing it. Have you checked side effects of your medications? I know the tramadol Im on causes me to be very thirsty! One time the pharmacist told me that I must drink a lot of water with this medication and I giggled and told him "trust me, I will be drinking plenty! I don't have a choice". Well at least drinking water is recommended!

Thanks for all the suggestions! I did the water calculator and I see that I am probably not drinking enough water. I am having blood work done this week, so if anything is screwy hopefully it will show up. It's always something isn't it?

I so agree with Ann A. and I would definitely check with your doctor. I tend to think it might be one of your meds. I know I have had this problem myself and still do have it but it is just more mild. I have water sitting next to me all day.

Hope this gets better for you. Hang in there.

I've had a few incidences with dehydration that occurred randomly and that's in addition to drinking enough fluids. when I confronted my doctor about it, he said for me at least, that it was probably a combination of my medications and stress. so just incase, I always carry water in my purse/bag, and then if I notice anything or start feeling dehydrated, I just guzzle fluids until I can't anymore....

I was wondering about this also. Since I started Presidone, I have been thirsty. If I don't drink a lot of water my bladder will get irritated.