Caring doctor

I enjoyed today what turned out to be a refreshing visit to a new doctor, the latest physician I am seeing in my long battle with lupus and interstitial lung disease. This doctor, a very friendly Chinese woman, is an allergist seeing me after my rheumatologist sent me to her to determine why I was having a bout with a rash that suddenly afflicted me. The rheumatologist wanted to determine what the rash was all about before continuing with my benlysta treatments, of which I have had only one.

Anyway, after a long delay sitting in a room in the allergists' office, Dr. Choi (the allergist) entered the room and immediately apologized for the delay. Unlike many doctors, she understands that the patient's time is also important, and told me that any impatience on my part for having to wait was warranted, even adding that doctors should be more apologetic to patients when long waits occur.

She seemed genuinely concerned about my condition, and related some stories about once in her career having dealt with lupus patients. She said she believes lupus patients are some of the more courageous out there.

She prescribed some medicine for hives and said she would personally call my rheumatologist to let him know that the benlysta treatments can continue without any harm to me. She even said she will try to simply contact me via phone to continue treatment for hives, eliminating the need for expensive trips to her office. We then talked at length about our favorite authors and books we were currently reading.

The experience was enjoyable, dispelling the notion that all doctors are simply in the profession for the money, not because they are truly concerned about our welfare.

Hope others have had a similar experience, though I fear few doctors care this much. If anyone else has found a doctor like this, please tell us of them.

Thomas Franklin.

I'm always happy to hear when someone finds a great doctor, Thomas. Thank you for sharing your positive experience.

You are welcome

dancermom said:

I'm always happy to hear when someone finds a great doctor, Thomas. Thank you for sharing your positive experience.

It is encouraging to hear of doctor's out there who realize they are just humans as we are and that they actually can't walk on water. Good to hear of your pleasant experience Thomas.


I'm so glad you found a good doctor! I think you should use her name, address, and city so others can use her too!

Thanks so much for sharing this positive experience! LupanCatwoman Gail

What a wonderful surprise to find such a caring doctor! It's so nice to have someone share a great experience!

The best to you, Thomas!