Camp Sunshine for Children with Lupus

Camp Sunshine offers a week at camp for children with lupus. See the link below. I believe it is a free camp. The family goes too. My daughter with Lupus is a counselor there this week. She said it is great!


Thank you for posting this link. Makes me feel like a wimp to see these kids with lupus; they are strong people! And so are their families! All the best to you, LupanCatwoman

This is interesting. There are a few teens and children at this site. If anyone happens to remember who they are, and who the parents are of the younger ones with lupus, please pas this info on to them. I wonder if they would have a problem with the child needing to rest during a flare up of a few days. If the families go too, do they all just have their own camp spot and take the kids to daytime activities. I had to stop camping after age 11 due to the sunshine, but if it was a camp with lots of indoor activities, that would have made my life much better.

Please know that everyone with Lupus is a warrior! The kids are at Camp Sunshine for some fun and laughter. This was meant to share information. Hugs!