Calcinosis cutis

does anyone else have this calcinosis cutis? Started on my fingers, but they say it's not very common with lupus, more so with sclerodoma, which I have not been diagnosed with, at least not yet. IK once you have an autoimmune disease, most likely you will develop others at some point so it's a wait and see thing.

Patresha, I don't know this medical term..... Will have to look it up and if you can explain how it personally effects you it would help, This site will certainly have people who know. I say this because "Life with Lupus" has lots of activity. It has been a HUGE help for me. All the best, LupanCatwoman

This is the description I found online, had never heard of before either.

Calcinosis cutis is a term used to describe a group of disorders in which calcium deposits form in the skin. Virchow initially described calcinosis cutis in 1855. Calcinosis cutis is classified into 4 major types according to etiology: dystrophic, metastatic, iatrogenic, and idiopathic. A few rare types have been variably classified as dystrophic or idiopathic. These include calcinosis cutis circumscripta, calcinosis cutis universalis, tumoral calcinosis, and transplant-associated calcinosis cutis.[1]

What I have is calcium deposits I guess on my hands, btw fingers and they are very painful if touched or rub against something. It is making little things such as getting dressed or writing very difficult to do because of their location.

I have them on various places, arms and legs, yes I have lupus