But you don’t act sick!

Do you live a joyful life despite the challenges of dealing with chronic illnesses?

We’ve talked about how annoying it can be when friends, family, and coworkers say, “But you don’t look sick.” Have you ever experienced what it feels like to have people say, “But you don’t act sick,” because you live joyfully in spite of your illness?

Well here is m thing. I act sick, because of the SLE affecting m lungs and heart... along with the joints stuff and the rash.... I dont ever get that... I can see how tat is anoying though.... Some pl just arent affected in a wa that is visible to oters. Aspecaly if it is your kidneys. Thats not going to make u limp or be out of breath all the time.

How ever what does anoyes the sh*t out of me is, when pl ask me what wrong and I say " Dont worrY I have lupus... I am allright!"their responce sometimes is " Oh I need to sta awa from you. I dont wanna get it!" Or " is it contagoues?" I think part of that problem is that I live in Mississippi...

Another thing is anoying as all get out... " Oh hunny are u ok? Is the lupus messing with yah? " I took some of m god friends to the side and told them" I am fine. I will have this for the rest of my life and if I am not ok and I need to la down, have some water or go to the ER I will let u know, but PLZ stop asking me if I am ok if I am in pain or get confused.... It is just wat the meds and the lupus is doing!"