Burning tongue

Does anyone suffer from a burning tongue? I can’t eat certain foods, such as nachos because my tongue burns so bad. I don’t have thrush, so it isn’t that. It doesn’t burn except when I eat. Anyone else?

my tongue doesn’t burn but i do get mouth sores all the time. It hurts to eat or drink when I have them.

Oh my! I hate this side effect! I get the burning tongue along with a horrid metal taste if I take prednisone! And even when I don't take it my tongue will just feel weird sometimes. Kind of hot and swollen. I ALSO get tightening in my throat and my lymph nodes swell and my salivary glands practically turn somer saults before I eat. I am learning to live with it. Ofcourse it has crossed my mind that I am dying of some sort of mouth cancer!

I am going to my cardiologist today for a heart monitor (24 hour halter) due to shortness of breath and chest pains after I take a painkiller. I guess making sure it's not the inflammation. We really have alot of strange symptoms! Thank God we can share them with someone!