Bone Pain

I have been having really bad bone pain recently. I think it is more than muscle achiness and sometimes I have sharp pains shooting through my bones. For example, I often wake up at night because my shoulders hurt so bad. I believe I have bursitis right now in both shoulders but it also feels like my bones in that area hurt as well. Also, my arm and finger bones hurt... It used to be that I would take Motrin and a Lortab and it would relieve it but now nothing helps! It has gotten particularly bad the last couple of days.

Does anyone else have this? Is this from Lupus?

I am so understanding of what u are experiencing. The pain is so throbbing, stabbing, and just plain old annoying to the MAX!!! It sucks so bad! I have no idea just what is is that causes the excessive pain to worsen all of a sudden w/ no relief with meds? Def. speak to your doctor though about it , if it does not subside or worsens too. Please don’t wait, maybe you need something to halt the inflammation quickly?! {{HUGS}} to u my friend! Stay Strong! Suzie :0)

Yes, I do have bone pain also. I just came from the doctor today and he is adding a vitamin D check in my next blood work, ( I have blood drawn monthly). Whenever he sees my pain in my bone this bad it is usually because my vitamin D level is down. I take over the counter calcium with D, but I also take 1 50,000 mg prescription dose once a week, and when the pain is back they rescheck and then I take it twice a week.

I would ask your doctor too. I also have RA and fibromyalgia. Today he added Savella for the fibromyalgia, and maybe I will be able to go off the predisone if this works. My muscle break down is very high and it seems that a low dose of predisone helps my muscles from breaking down, I also take (spelling won't be correct, I'm too tired to get the pills to check spelling) Methotrexrate, Lalfludimine, and Plaqunil.

I hope you get to the bottom of what is causeing your bone pain, Sharon

According to my docs the answer is yes. It’s horrible especially at night. The drugs that hep the most knock me senseless for the next day so i suffer too.

I have been having joint and bone pains. It feels like someone is bending my bones in my arms. I had the shooting pain in my back and shoulders when I had all the fluid in my lung. I still have sharp pains is I yarn or in-hail very deeply.

The change of the meds working.. your body got used to those meds. The lortabs change the way your body feels the pain. So your receptors in your brain are starting to adapt to the new way. I have been taking tramadol(spelling?!) 50mg. it works alright for me.

But I agree you need to see your doc soon. You may need to have some tests done to see if your not loosing bone tissue.

I have been diagnosed for a week and I am dreading the time to come. From what I read and hear the pain is only going to get worst!

Also try taking about 6000mg of fish oil a day!!!

yes–I have bone pain in my legs, worse at night.

Hi, my name is Beverly L. , i’ve exp. that pain B4 . It’s very hard to deal with , ask your doctor for something for your nerves , it might be fibriomaglia ? That is / was my case and the doctor gave me benztrophine mes1mg tablets, which i take as needed . Ask about it the next time you see the doctor. It works also. Well thanks for allowing me the time to share , Beverly L.