Beauty Blog for Lupies

I was wondering if there is such a thing on the inter webs. I would love if we could post our favorite products that have helped us with some the challenging aspects of our disease like soothing rashes, color correcting powders and foundations and such. Maybe not a beauty blog but a list and reviews of products( I want the guys to join in too!). What do y’all think?

I think it’s a great idea! I think we all things through trial and error - if we could help someone else, it would be great!

I think this would be a great idea!

Yes there is at least one. I'll try to find it for you. I see her messages spread around on Facebook sometimes.

That would be neat!

Great idea!

Let me share wwith you ladies…THE best coverage for rosacea. Recently I had a bad flare up and had to search for a better foundation. (Jane Iredale GLOW TIME FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM.)

I really like it!

Let's get this going.

Thanks Flygirl. How well does it stay on while perspiring?

Flygirl said:

Great idea!

Let me share wwith you ladies...THE best coverage for rosacea. Recently I had a bad flare up and had to search for a better foundation. (Jane Iredale GLOW TIME FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM.)

Stacy, start a group right here in Life With Lupus about Beauty tips! I just Googled "Lupus Beauty" and there are tons of articles, but I haven't found the bloggers yet that I know are out there so I have asked other lupus friends to help me find them. You can read the articles that I saw by Googling "Lupus Beauty" for yourself.

Wow I can’t believe the responses you guys are giving! I want it to be a community blog, we all contribute. And we need a catchy name that does not put the guys off. I want the gentlemen to participate and benefit too. So I guess we can start rattling off name ideas and start posting favorite products that have helped you deal with the side effects from meds or symptoms of Lupus and any other autoimmune issue. I’ll organize the info and try to get this thing rolling. Any tips or info on how to go about this is much appreciated, I’m a noob when it comes to this stuff and technology and I don’t always get along. And Thank You for the overwhelming support!:heart:

Great idea!

Sheila, Im not sure about the staying power with perspiring…because I don’t sweat…never remain in the heat for more that a few minutes, cant take heat at all, I stay in AC. But Im sure if you set it with a light powder, you’ll be fine.

I love this idea Stacy...I have found a wonderful correcting foundation (thanks to another Lupie) It's by Jane Iredale. It's a BB cream foundation. They also have a pressed powder as well (which I recommend for the summer). If you can't find it in your area, they have a website and Amazon sells it as well

LOVE this stuff!!

Flygirl said:

Great idea!

Let me share wwith you ladies...THE best coverage for rosacea. Recently I had a bad flare up and had to search for a better foundation. (Jane Iredale GLOW TIME FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM.)

For the ladies who want to color their hair but want to avoid the toxic chemicals from hair dyes or just want to strengthen your hair from hairloss/thinning… I really like Light Mountain Henna (you can find it on Amazon). Now it’s not a permanent solution and only lasts a few weeks, but it’s also great to condition and strengthen your hair… Makes it shiny. You can find it in a variety of colors. If you have light colored hair, the henna works more noticeably, but if your like me and have dark brown hair, it just adds more of a tone that you can really notice in the sun.

Great idea, love this!!

What a great idea! One product I swear by is Bare Minerals’ original foundation. It looks like a powder, but it’s really very creamy when you touch it. You buff it on with a brush so that it always looks smooth and polished. I am very fair skinned, but this foundation covers my malar rash well. Their products are all soothing to my persnickety skin. I saw that someone was asking how mineral make-up fares when one perspires. If you blot or dab at your face, your mineral make-up will stay put. If you wipe or rub, however, your make-up will come off. Bare Minerals has an entire line of skin products and make-up. I use their skin products and foundation, but there are other companies out there that offer mineral eye shadows, etc., less expensively. If you like fun, slightly outrageous eye colors, MAC carries a great line of mineral eye colors.

Dermablend Cover crème as a foundation. You can't sweat it off (even in TX heat) or rub it off on your clothes. When weather is colder you can use a little more moisturizer underneath....For skin care---which is most important--- I use....SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E serum and their eye cream and face cream....I wish I could use their Retinol but it puts me into a flare---so does having micro-dermabrasion at the cosmetic surgeon's office. But I am very fair skinned, so I use Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliate which gets rid of the dead skin....It's very important to use pharmaceutical grade facial skin care products if you can afford it....for skin care. Olay's Pro-X is a very good line as well for less money and you can find these products on Amazon. For cleansing I use AHAVA (active dead sea minerals) "Time to Clear All in One Toning Cleanser." It works as eye makeup remover, skin cleanser and toner. It says to take it off with tissue but I use water at the end. I am not picky about makeup other than the Dermablend. I have a Clarisonic skin care machine. Olay ProX also makes one for a less--from about $40 to $100. My hair is SO blonde and fine---and it has always been this way---is more fine after steroids--which I just got off of a few weeks ago. I take Biotin and that helps and am looking for anything that improves hair volume other than a wig!. I love to talk about beauty products!

Cool idea. maybe even include products that have had an adverse reaction. Let me start you off :Proactive has helped more than once with the skin on my face it has lightened the butterfly rash so it could be covered with concealer and gotten rid of any acne the prednisone has caused. Looking forward to seeing your web page. God Bless Julie