Best Things About Lupus

So, when I was diagnosed I started a list to lift my spirits. Thought these might make others laugh/smile and maybe you’ll have a few of your own to add.

  • Excellent excuse never to buy another bathing suit
  • Bronzer? Blush? No thanks! With this malar rash I save money and time!
  • Thank you Stephanie Meyer for making pale trendy!
  • Wrinkles? I never go in the sun! I’m going to look like this for the next forty years!
  • I take pride in keeping the NSAID industry afloat
  • Scare the bejesus out of the neighbors pruning roses and picking tomatoes with a headlamp at night. They probably think I’ve got bodies buried in my yard.
  • I’m not crazy! Look! There really IS something wrong with me! {maybe I shouldn’t say that one out loud}
    One serious one:
  • I have more compassion for my patients, and more credibility with them when I share my own struggles

head never gets too heavy. fall out! bald is the new sexy.

great excuse to sleep in and live like a vampire - it's all the rage since the New Moon movies and True Blood hbo series.

being modest a non issue. have on a burn proof Kevlar suit at all times when out.

interviewing a handy man who will do outside work is entertaining.

and last? an excuse to avoid crowds and not catch every bug and germ in town. No longer obligated to shop on black Friday.

I'm a professional napper. I can nap anywhere and through anything.

Ditto on the patients... I am better able to understand their silent struggles and pain.



I like the idea that due to the weight gain, I have an excuse to constantly go shopping. I like the ones that you provided as well :)

I find out who my true friends are and eliminate the ones who aren't

My cat and I get cuddle days

Amen to that!

susanjs said:

I find out who my true friends are and eliminate the ones who aren't

My cat and I get cuddle days

ROFL!! Too funny! :wink:

I have one : I can blame weight gain on steroids
I have an excuse to have three sizes of clothes in my closet…again…thanks to steroids!
I am allowed a grumpy day when I have to increase my …steroid dose.
I have a valid excuse to not wear high heels. Flats are chic!

@ Tina I can't tell you how many times I blamed my attitude on the steroids. Its got me out of a lot of trouble. LOL

Now see that is the humor of Lupus....that is what the new Lupies have to look forward any situation there is humor, you might not see it when the pain is so intense but it does ease up ....thats when you have to LIVE.....LAUGH and just try to get by....There are enough down days, believe me we have all felt them... You know the other day I was thinking and I have had my share of Lupus tradgedy....and I thought....boy my body is one tough fighting machine it just keeps fighting poor body has been through so much and keeps getting up ....That energizer rabbit has nothing on or should I say US....

I can re-read a book or watch a movie I've seen because of Lupus (I forget the details, the ending, etc.!) Memory fog!

JerseyGirl- my whole life I’ve never been able to stand rereading a book- until now! I know what you mean!

You all are just cracking me up.....LMAO......

awesome, made me laugh

Horay to all of us that can laugh with a tear!!!!

Aww Thank you for this post and the replys . I really needed to come across this today. Needed the many laughs. I've been stressing out the last few weeks due to many life factors and worried i'll wound up in a flare. Trying to dodge sun and heat and son will be entering senior year of high school and just started driving independently without mom or dad, etc. Been thrown in the fast lane for tooo long and this was perfect timing. Thank you all!!!

Loving it!

Totally in sync with JerseyGirl about the movies (drives my husband nuts, which is added bonus)

New shoes as well as new clothes (feet swell)

Never have to drive the long distances cuz I will fall asleep

Can "nap" when someone visits I don't care for

Get to hire a "part-time" housecleaner because I can't keep up with the cleaning

Never have to make Thanksgiving dinner again

Never have to hike up the trails at the lake anymore

Get the really cool window tinting

Don't have to make an excuse to stop at the "ladies" on a road trip

Can drop a dish and not feel like an clumsy oaf

Holy buckets I love this thread! I was sitting here nodding and laughing to every one of those. Especially the movie one and the no need for blush. My friend said to me the other day, “you must have found the holy grail of blushes because your cheeks always look so rosy” to which I answered, “like they say in House, ‘it’s lupus’” lol

Nuh uh. It’s NEVER lupus on House. In fact when I called my husband and told him I had it I swear to god he said “it’s never lupus”- he thought I was kidding!
A makeup artist in sephora tried to take my “blush” off one time- that was funny.